Crack in the chainstay on my stumpy

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  • Crack in the chainstay on my stumpy
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    Edit- have heard a lot of good stories about spesh warranties.
    As long as its genuine JRA then I imagine it’ll be a replacement swingarm, if they can’t supply that you might be looking at a new replacement bike.
    I had probs with spokes breaking on a brand new rockhopper many years ago- after the second one went I spoke to the local spesh dealer they advised me that there had been probs with a batch of wheels and rebuilt both wheels with new spokes foc.. Happy days.
    Hopefully folk will be along to share their tales of happiness and joy on a similar subject!


    My guess world be you buying new chain stay , but not very much money iir


    Mine cracked on my 2009 Stumpy in 2011. Specialized replaced the chainstays and main pivot under warranty. However, they didn’t have any white ones left, so I was stuck with black.

    Call their 0208 Chessington number. They’ll most likely sort you out with something.



    Going to the shop tonight where I bought it. It is a 2009 model. Anyone have experience with this?

    Will it be:-

    -free new bike 😉
    -free new frame
    -free new chainstay
    -buy a new chainstay
    -discount on a new frame

    I would love a free new bike or frame but would be more than happy if it was just fixed and working for minimal cost, quickly. Concerned that they might not have the chainstays and that at nearly 4 years I’d be pushing the warranty period as the back end isn’t covered by the same as the front for the lifetime warranty?

    Anyone have some good stories, otherwise I’m singlespeeding it for the foreseeable future which is going to make the selkirk mtb marathon more sporting than usual.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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