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  • COVID vaccination side effects. What were yours?
  • Premier Icon mattbee
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    AstraZenica first jab at 1pm yesterday.
    Felt fine all day although the arm I was injected in started to ache later in the pm.
    Went to bed at ten and after maybe an hour of sleep I woke up feeling awful.
    Arms, legs, neck and head  aching, feel really weak but can’t sleep so I’m now nursing a hot chocolate on the sofa wrapped in blankets.

    Premier Icon freeagent
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    AZ first job a little over 48 hours ago (Sunday morning)
    Felt ok for a few hours but developed a blinding headache, elevated heat rate and painful arm by early evening.
    Went to bed around 10pm with serious shivers and barely slept a wink all night.
    Started feeling better yesterday afternoon, but still had a strong headache. Much better nights sleep last night.
    This morning the headache is better but if i wasn’t WFH i’d have taken a day off sick as feel generally ‘unwell’ and ache all over.

    If this is the reaction to the vaccine i reckon COVID would have probably killed me.

    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    shoulder has finally settled down after a week. although i’ve still got a small lump by my collarbone buts its smaller and not sore anymore.

    Premier Icon jag1
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    44 year old female First jab AZ last monday 9:30 am
    Felt ok till about 7pm that night when I got uncontrolable shivering that lasted till about midnight followed by fever till the morning.
    On Tuesday couldn’t lift arm above shoulder height but that cleared up by the next day.
    Then a week of brain fog and fatigue with several afternoon naps(work from home). Still a little weary one week on but much better.

    Premier Icon curto80
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    Had mine (AZ) at lunchtime and been feeling disorientated since and now starting to feel verrrry cold. Sounds like I’m in for a fun night.

    Premier Icon stumpyjon
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    Had mine Monday morning, also been struggling to regulate my temperature, shivering one minute, sweating next. Arm is ok, just a bit tender to touch.

    Premier Icon dyna-ti
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    Is anyone finding fatigue an issue. Though I feel its waning now for about a week i found myself able to sleep at any time during the day for 5 or 6 hours.
    Admittedly I keep irregular hours with no set routine of sleep. But even after a nights sleep of six hours(usual for me) i find myself tired only a few hours later, and if i lie down I find ive slept at least another three, maybe four. And then maybe again six or so hours later feel im dropping off.

    Premier Icon patagonian
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    2nd jab on Monday. No hot/cold issues like the first one however this time it was headache and aching limbs. Cancelled last nights ride as still feeling rough but ok now. Paracetamol helped.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    A clubmate has reported tiredness and lack of energy for 3 weeks since he had the jab – the variation in side effects is massive

    Premier Icon nickjb
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    Couple of weeks since the first jab and nothing here. Slightly sore shoulder for a couple of days but nothing else.

    Premier Icon djambo
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    Wife (40) had quite a big fever (41 degrees) for 36 hrs after her first jab of AZ a couple of weeks back. I was half expecting the same when I (43) got mine. Ended up just feeling a bit tired/off/achey for 24 hours…very mild really and i’m sure partly I was subconsciously milking it to get a few hours rest away from the kids 🙂

    Lots of mates similar age to me seem to have had similarly mild reactions to AZ.

    Good luck to all those getting theirs soon.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Got my second jab booked this morning.
    The Vauxhall Astra one again I suppose.

    Still quite surprised at 47 to be getting it just yet but we’ll go with it.

    I had a sore arm for a few days from the first one and aching bones and tiredness, but then I literally ALWAYS have that so don’t know if it was the jab or my age.

    A bit worried the second might make me feel real crook but we’ll see.

    Premier Icon roger_mellie
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    Had first AZ jab 3 days ago. Sore arm at the time, which has now pretty much cleared up. No other side effects, other than Mrs Mellie thought I was acting as though I was a bit drunk in the hours immediately after. May have just been my overall giddiness at being jabbed though 🤷‍♂️

    Premier Icon freeagent
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    Is anyone finding fatigue an issue.

    Yes – 4 days on from first AZ jab and i’m still tired and achy.

    Premier Icon mrhoppy
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    AZ, sore arm and tired yesterday, had “brain fog” for want of a better description today, struggling to focus, almost like being dizzy but without the spinning.

    Much easier than Mrs hoppy had it.

    Premier Icon bombjack
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    First AZ jab yesterday (41, and as an Oxford boy born and bred I was quite proud to get this). Felt a little fuzzy during the evening, had a few beers at my boys cricket training, ate a pizza, now I feel like I’ve been tackled by Courtney Lawes.
    Going home after lunch and going back to bed.

    Premier Icon carbonfiend
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    Had my second Astra jab on Friday more of the same headache, overall fatigue & lethargy but less of a ‘feeling beaten up’ that I had after 1st jab and these haven’t been as instant gradually building up over the days in fact.

    Premier Icon ElectricWorry
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    Had my first Moderna jab last Wednesday.

    Dead arm lasted until Friday. I felt pretty fatigued for a couple of days but nothing too serious – still got out for a run on Thursday and again Friday.

    Heart rate on my runs was elevated a fair bit higher then usual though, recent MHR had been 170 bpm for most runs but hit 182 bpm on Thursday’s run. So I suspect that was vaccine related. It’s still remaining higher during exercise than usual.

    Premier Icon BillOddie
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    Age 42 Human Male, had 1st AZ jab last tuesday at about 4pm.

    Rest of Tues: Felt fine, might have been a bit sweaty overnight

    Wed: Felt like I had been hit by a truck, everything ached, overnight i had a temperature

    Thur: Aching subsided at 10amish, felt ok by the evening aside from sore injection site.

    Fri: Felt normal, rode bike, had absolutely nothing in my legs, lactic acid build up super quick, HR through the roof.

    Sat: Felt normal but didn’t exercise really

    Sunday: Same as Friday, less than ideal…

    Premier Icon chestrockwell
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    Had my first on Saturday. Felt a bit dizzy for the rest of the day and had a headache that ibuprofen sorted + my arm was sore. Slept fine and went to work on Sunday where I felt below par but was able to continue as normal. Felt rough last night and my shoulder hurt but slept fine again. Back at work today, felt groggy but did a 5k run and feel fine now.

    Premier Icon chestrockwell
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    43 and had the AZ btw.

    Premier Icon wooksterbo
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    Had AZ yesterday morning, fine all day, maybe a bit of a tingle on the arm around the injection site. Then at 11pm ish, my arm felt like someone had punched it over and over, severe shivers started too. Went to bed then went the opposite way and had a temperature, woke up every 30 mins and felt awful. Today, no fever but arm hurts and very out of it and can’t concentrate. Other half had AZ last Wednesday and had the same happen to her and was mostly over it by Sunday.

    I’m 43, she is 42.

    My parents (nearly 70) seem to have no ill effects when they had theirs, my sister also had hers yesterday and I think so far she is fine.

    Premier Icon endoverend
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    Had 2nd jab of the Vauxhall Astra Vaccine 6 days ago. Had a terrible reaction to the first one, felt awful for 3 weeks, still feeling the effects after 5. Was hoping might get away with less reaction to 2nd…. No Chance…not quite as bad as first time around but still feel dire, Zero energy, aching, muscle pains, abdominal pain, floored after mild exertion. Luckily I ‘work’ for myself so I can make up for it when no longer feel like am being sat on by an elephant. If we ever have to have these things again I think I’d opt to upgrade to one of the more desirable models…

    Premier Icon LAP13
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    41 F had AZ Thursday morning and by lunchtime started with the aches and shivers, took paracetamol and got a hot water bottle and felt off but ok.

    That night was horrible, jangly nerves, weird dreams/fever, headache and discombobulated but the neausea was horrendous. Fri AM felt shocking still but about 24hrs after symptoms started it all eased and was left just feeling a bit off with a sore arm.

    Was quite amazed at how my tracker picked up on the ‘stress’ considering I barely moved too. Interesting to see the effects in that way
    I’m just a bit fatigued if I do anything now but otherwise fine

    Premier Icon ta11pau1
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    1st AZ jab on Saturday morning, had a bit of the shivers and general aching Saturday evening, took 4 paracetamol that afternoon and evening, got loads of sleep and then felt 95% Sunday morning and back to normal by Sunday afternoon. Today I have a very, very slight ache in my arm where the jab was but I’ve just done a quick hour/9 miles/1000ft climbing MTB ride and felt fresh as I’ve ever felt.

    Dunno if this is a side affect but I was mega hungry Saturday evening, was munching on anything I could fine!!

    40 this week.

    Premier Icon Robz
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    I’m 39 and got the Pfizer jab on Saturday evening. Other than a slightly sore arm I experienced zero side affects. My wife got it too and she was/is fine as well.

    Did a 3hr hill walk on Sunday and just ran a brisk 10km this evening – all feels good.

    Premier Icon jambourgie
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    Question for the chemists, doctors and nurses: Regarding the sore arm, is that caused by the actual injection? Ie, the mechanical intrusion of steel into a muscle. Or the drug/solution itself? Ie, certain drugs may be corrosive or acidic etc… Or a bit of both?

    Premier Icon piemonster
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    AZ 4pm for me and Pfizer for the missus.

    Going to find out what this is like soon enough.

    Premier Icon justinbieber
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    Had the AZ jab first thing last Thursday morning. Felt fine all day Thursday, but woke up Friday with my joints feeling a little bit achy and with very mild cold/flu symptoms. Popped a couple of paracetamol and cracked on. Left arm where the jab was is a bit sore, but that’s about it. Well done science

    Premier Icon manmurray
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    First Pfizer jab on Saturday morning – been ok all weekend. Had a quick spin in the woods Sunday afternoon and apart from being a bit low on energy was fine. This morning got a productive hour of jobs/calls done but at 10am felt totally drained, literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. An hour’s kip later felt right as rain – odd! Quite glad we’re still working from home tbf…

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    Had my first jab at 14:20 on Saturday and felt fine all day. Woke up at around 01:30 on Sunday freezing cold, shaking uncontrollably, teeth chattering and a really bad headache. Skin was red hot to the touch. Put the heating on plus lots of clothes and spent the next 24 hours or so feeling like absolute shit. Aching, sweating, hot/cold, hot/cold etc. Headache is only just easing off now.

    AZ vaccine and 44. I’ve had Covid twice and the the last two days felt like a slightly less intense version of my initial Covid symptoms. Just feel drained and lethargic now. So basically how I’ve felt for the last **** year!

    Premier Icon welshfarmer
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    [/strong] wrote:

    Question for the chemists, doctors and nurses: Regarding the sore arm, is that caused by the actual injection? Ie, the mechanical intrusion of steel into a muscle. Or the drug/solution itself? Ie, certain drugs may be corrosive or acidic etc… Or a bit of both?

    None of the above, but I do administer about a thousand jabs or more each year, and you really notice that some of the drugs provoke an immediate reaction with the animals (they jump and get really uncomfortable as soon as it is injected), while other drugs can be banged in without the slightest reaction. We know which ones make them jump so always brace ready for it. With some of the vaccines we give, almost all the ewes will get a abscess on the site of the jab a week or so after the jab, this is considered to be quite normal and a reaction to the oily medium used to carry the active ingredient. If human vaccines caused such a swelling and reaction there would be an outcry, so I guess we can be thankful that it is only a prolonged soreness that we get 🙂

    Premier Icon csb
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    48 and had Pfizer round 1 last tues. Sore arm for 2 days, headache day 3, paracetamol sorted. I’m hearing that AZ gives you grief after 1st dose but less on 2nd, opposite for Pfizer.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    Pfizer number 2 last Wednesday.
    Sore arm, headaches, earache, stiff and painful muscles for a few days, noticed riding bike over rough terrain.

    Back to normal middle aged feeling constantly tired and aching now. 👍

    Premier Icon BoardinBob
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    Pfizer yesterday afternoon. Arm is very sore this morning. Didn’t sleep great and had some truly bizarre vivid dreams about a girlfriend from 25 years ago! Woke up with the feeling of a mild hangover and struggled to get out of bed. Heart rate seems ok according to my garmin

    Premier Icon pothead
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    AZ first dose last Saturday afternoon, felt perfectly normal on going to bed that night then

    woke up feeling awful.
    Arms, legs, neck and head aching, feel really weak

    Pretty much exactly this ^^^^, woke up around 3am, headache was probably the worst I’ve had in years, still a bit ropey yesterday morning but pretty much back to normal now

    Premier Icon idiotdogbrain
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    Self (44/m) and other half (41/f) both had first AZ jabs yesterday at 4pm. No real side effects for the rest of the day for me – she had a slightly sore arm. Both started to feel a bit achy at about 11pm so took paracetamol and went to bed. I slept better than normal and woke up feeling like I’d done a massive ride the day before. She slept really badly and is running a temperature alongside feeling fatigued, much more so than I am. Hopefully tea, toast and paracetamol again will help!

    Premier Icon finbar
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    Had my first Pfizer jab yesterday and nothing – not even a mark on my arm, never mind any soreness.

    I’m feeling slightly smug so I’ll probably get knocked for six by the second dose to teach me a lesson.

    Premier Icon stevemuzzy
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    First jab (astrazenica) yesterday at 11. 42 year old and fit/healthy.

    No reaction till last night, woke up at 4am with what felt like flu fever all over, had to go stand in the bathroom on cold tiles/windows open. Wife asked if I was going through the change…

    Didnt get much sleep but feel generally fine now, little groggy and temp is gone.

    Premier Icon K
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    40 M, Moderna jab yesterday at 4.30pm had to check they had actually done it at the time as I thought they had only done the wipe.

    Took some Paracetamol before bed as my arm was feeling a bit sore.

    Today feel like I’ve I drunk a bottle of wine, bit was a bit slow up the steep part for dog walk this morning and a bit fuzzy thinking.

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