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  • Covid recovery tips?
  • geordiemick00
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    I’m two days clear of my first brush with Covid and feel really weak and tired.

    Despite the fact I think I had if lighter than earlier cases, it’s robbed me of any energy.

    I’ve slept 10 hours a night for the last 2 nights which is a good three hours more than usual, it appears to help a bit, but come noon my tank is empty again.

    What you all been eating to re-fill the tank and getting back on track?

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    Just take it easy & listen to what your body is telling you. It’s a really bad idea to push it when you need to be recovering.

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    Tested + on Fri so watching with interest cycled home from work but wiped out since. Walk upstairs and out of breath. I thought great, a week off and I’ll do some jobs around the house. Maybe not….

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    I was like that for a month after Covid. At least 6 weeks until I felt back to normal and could ride a bike without feeling wiped out. Just got to take it easy and let your body recover.

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    Z1/2 base training type efforts, increasing duration over a number of weeks, if your body permits.

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    First 2 weeks (after testing negative) were the worst for me. Took another couple of weeks after that to feel noticeably normal. Just take it easy and be conscious of not doing normal routine in the morning do you are pacing yourself for the afternoon.
    Junk food didn’t help. Deliveroo was used far too much and probably delayed our recovery.

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    Sleep loads and don’t forget the afternoon nap as well. Don’t rush it and go back to work until you can do it without crashing after. Long Covid is no fun so just rest up when you’re tired and don’t even think I could just do this job, make a bit of effort with cooking etc. Pushing through like you would to get fit has the opposite effect.

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    What you all been eating to re-fill the tank and getting back on track?

    Just eat healthily would be my advice. Try not to eat too much processed food and sugar in particular, don’t overdo the booze, stay hydrated and lots of veg, fruit and lean protein etc. Your body’s had a bit of a kicking and is going to take a few weeks to recover. As above, don’t try pushing through, just take it easy and listen to your body.

    As above, you really don’t want long covid – don’t ask how I know etc – and it’s better to have a few easy weeks now than spend months wiped out.

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    It takes ages for some people to 100% recover, so take it easy for a while.

    5 weeks for me since a positive test and 7 weeks since onset of symptoms. My dose of Covid was nothing more than a slightly stuffy nose and an itchy eye, but the effect on my fitness and strength is driving me up the wall.

    On the bike last night and average power still down 20% on this time in January.

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    There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by trying to rush things. It will take as long as it takes so resting well and being kind to yourself are really th best things you can do.

    If exercise is important to you then it’s worth approaching it with a mindset of ‘this is for my mental health’ rather than ‘this is for fitness’. Having recovered from a couple of big health things in recent years (pre-vaccine COVID being one of them), once I’d changed my bike ride ambitions from distance or time to ‘go and see how many different bird songs you can hear’ I had a much better time.

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    I tested positive last Tuesday went through flu symptoms a vagueness of thought.
    Going to try a z2 pedal today for my head.
    I’ve averaged 2000 steps a day whereas it’s normally 18k and a ride/run. The dogs will need a walk too.

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    I had it a couple of weeks ago. I had fatigue post-recovery for about a week that ended quite suddenly on Sunday, whereas Saturday I needed a sleep in the afternoon after doing very little in the morning, on Sunday I had a completey normal day, without any feeling of tiredness or reduced energy. The change was quite stark! Did an hours easy exercise today so will see how that affects me. hopefully just slowly buil tings back up but I’m not planning on anything high intensity for a while

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    Food & rest till you feel better. Everyone is different. It took me 6wks before I started to feel normal but my brother was ok in a matter of days.

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    There are several of us here who have had long covid, and all the advice we can give (from our own experience and professionals we have dealt with) is rest, rest, rest. Just take it easy, listen to your body and remember even if you have had omicron on 3 vaccines, you have still had a nasty virus.

    Advice is don’t try returning to sport for 7 days after symptoms have passed, which includes feeling overly tired.

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