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  • RudeBoy

    Here’s some pretty fecked-up covers, from Slovenia’s finest; Laibach:

    Across the Universe
    Life is Life
    Sympathy for the Devil
    In The Army Now
    One Vision

    And a particularly warped version of a Kim Wilde classic! (Aleigh, you may not want to hear this one)

    Lawnmower Deth: Kids in Amercica

    Choons dem…


    i thought that bird off the x-factor did a great job of that song!

    (i’ll get my coat 😆 )

    I’ll pass it to you aleigh, (that camp blokes version on the shrek soundtrack was better – see I said I love cover versions :D)


    rudeboy – that cover is just a load of old noise!! 😆 and they can’t sing either 😉

    Premier Icon DezB

    GnR better than the Stones? oh dear oh dear. I’ve read some silly things on STW, but…
    How about This Mortal Coil’s Song to the Siren. Nick Cave’s In the Ghetto.
    Sid’s My Way (ha!)


    second the sisters,


    Shiny Toy Guns rendition of Depeche Modes ‘Stripped’ is on a current well used playlist in our house at the mo.

    If you can handle Bluegrass then Iron Horse album of Led Zeppelin covers is worth a go though I know one person who will be unlocking the gun cabinet for that suggestion. . . as well as several tracks on the Johny Cash album.

    Another vote for Jeff Buckleys Hallelulah too.

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    Ziggy Stardust, Bauhaus
    Man Who Sold the World, Nirvana
    Wonderwall, Mike Flowers
    Back for Good, Robbie Williams

    come to mind, nothing against Bowie in particular

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Dinosaur Jr’s cover of the Cures “Just like Heaven”
    Teenage Fanclub’s “Like a Virgin”

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    and anything by Hayseed Dixie

    Dezb, you take first prize so far, This Mortal Coil (Elizabeth Frazers?) Song to the the Siren is possibly one of the best records ever – yes I know how open to argument that statement is, I stand by it- 🙂

    (Also a big fan of Sids My Way)


    I like Skinhead O’Connor’s version of ’Streets of London’

    Funnily enough, Sid Vicious’ version, which is COMPLETELY different, is also bloody good.

    The original Ralph McTell version, with a montage of some poignant images.

    And Sid’s version!

    clareymorris – I got no sound on my computer so couldn’t watch it but I have seen them do that at Glasto and it was mighty fine – good shout

    Extreme Noise Terror’s cover of Last Train to Trancentral by the KLF


    And if we’re talking skinhead o’conner Nothing Compares 2 U has to be included as one of the best covers.


    And that French bird did a mean version of Paint It Black

    Cripes, it must be astounding to be better than the stones.

    Stop by Jamelia for me. Hairs on the back of my neck raising ability.

    Jump. by Girls Aloud – OK maybe they just looked better doing it.

    I feel I’ve let myself down.


    Samuri; I never said it was better, merely that it was very good!

    The Animals also did a mean version, too!

    Premier Icon mboy

    Rudeboy, can you do us a link to the French version of Paint it Black?


    Give us a mo…

    Here you go:
    Marie Laforet

    ‘RudeBoy is a tw-at and he always smells of poo’…


    Associates – Love Hangover
    Joleen-White Stripes
    Sympathy for the devil – Jane’s Addiction
    Obviously Jeff Buckley’s Halleluja
    Giel You’ll be a woman soon – Urge Overkill


    Oh oh oh, and Bonnie and Clyde by Luna

    Jesus, read the comments on that YouTube vid. Scary.




    Joleen-White Stripes

    Are you completely brain-dead? Jack White, better than the incomparable diminutive yet disproportionate Dolly Parton?

    Wash your mouth out, stand in the corner, and go and have a good, hard think about your BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!

    (Calm, RudeBoy; calm…)

    White Stripes have done some good covers, mind. ‘One More Cup Of Coffee’ is a corker.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Ceremony (New Order) – Galaxie 500.

    Get Into the Groove – Sonic Youth.

    Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Ananda Shankar.

    Vapour Trail (Ride) – Trespassers William.

    Cheers Rudeboy – still no sound on my computer but copied your french “paint it black” ’til when I get it working/get a new one. I’t better be good! 😉

    As far as Jack White goes his Jolene is OK (although I do like Dolly myself) and still not as good as the Sisters of Mercy version. The White Stripes “I just don’t know what to do with myself” is f*n fantastic though. As is Death Letter (posted above)

    I stick my neck out here, He is the best, living, guitar player.

    Premier Icon Gravy

    Manic’s version of “umberella”
    Fun Lovin Criminals version of “I’m Not In Love”
    Dave Mathews Bands version of “Wild Horses”
    Ryan Adams version of “Wonderwall”

    All pretty good imo. 8)

    Hayseed Dixie – I don’t feel like dancing (especially the video!!)

    Gun – Word Up. Pretty much a one hit wonder, but so much more gutsy and powerful than the electro pop originally it’s almost unrecognisable as the same song.

    Forgot the best ever!!!!… Richie Havens here comes the sun!
    (Found it while looking for Richard Hawleys Some Candy Talking – also very good)

    As is the Caulfield Sisters version of Some Candy Talking!


    right, let’s get back onto The Sisters…

    Knocking On Heaven’s Door

    I’ve seen them do Comfortably Numb live – runs nicely into Some Kind Of Stranger, which of course is my preferred part of the segwey…(sp)

    I do believe Mr Eldritch is a fan of “our” favourite Australian songstress too… :-s

    This Mortal Coil’s version of Song To The Siren is pretty f***ing good too

    Not that bothered about Bauhaus’ Ziggy though


    Good luck covering she sells sanctuary (Some things are holy , like why you never hear any good Smiths covers :wink:)

    the music’s easy. The voice is a different beast 😉 I’m on drums so can’t be held responsible for that though…

    Early plug? preview of my new band: The Wick Effect

    (this is a rough demo that we’re hoping to do properly this side of Easter)

    Seen it myself, maybe we was stood together, I was the one in a black and white paisley print shirt f@cked on red label t.bird and speed. Not enough clues…. that could have been any of us!

    Nice to know you old goths are out there! Like I said good luck with playing She Sells..Let me know when you’re gigging, would be worth a watch.


    well we’re in Leeds so watch out for The Wick Effect. It may be a while though.

    T-bird & speed. F*Ck me that takes me back!
    (not that I ever did any speed, but my then bass player did. See the “amphetamine” thread 🙁 )


    Jack White, ‘best living guitarist’???


    No way. Sorry.

    What about Yngwie?

    (Not suggesting for a second, that Yngwie does this better than Jimi, but it’s pretty bloody good, and he is easily one of the best guitarists around. I reckon Jack White would agree…)


    For some post-tax return chillout:
    Wishing on a Star by Fresh 4 and Lizz E:
    Paranoid Android by Easy Star All Stars:

    Rudeboy – Name a better one.
    Just watched your vid. Still not as good IMO.


    speaking of tax returns…

    I hear the system crashed today. Well I guess that’s what happens when you leave it to the last minute.

    I posted mine last weekend 😉 Took me half an hour


    best living guitarist

    first of all define your “genre”

    Then define the difference between “best” and “fretboard w&nkery”


    Tricky – Black Steel

    better than Public Enemy – Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos

    2nd FNM – Easy, GNR – Live and Let Die.

    BTW Rudeboy, that is what she’s singing! Quelle horreur!


    I knew it!

    What a cow….

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