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  • ali69er


    In the market for a new frame, transfering stuff over from another bike. the main think in my thinking is that I have a 100mm tora which will need to be part of that build for the time being, but will upgrade to a reba when money allows. I have been looking on CRC at the Cove Handjob or the Kinesis XC130.

    I mostly ride singletrack and have limited means in NZ to try stuff out, the geometry seems to suit and I fancy the idea of the cove, but have seen the kinesis and it does look sweet. They are a similar price and as I say, each seems to be a good option.

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    No doubt owners will come on here and sing their praises but I’ve seen too many photos of broken Handjobs over the years to ever consider one; normally creased and folded down tube. They are also shorter in the top tube than most, iirc.


    I have a kinesis xc130 with a 130 talas fork and its a right hoot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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