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  • char34

    thinking about a hummer , just woundering about sizing iam 5 10″ and was thinking about 18″ cant seem to find any info about sizing, and has anyone got any views on them ride , climbing handleing etc


    I have a 2007 17 and to be honest it feels a tad small (im 5″8)…

    I’m 6′ and have an 18″ and 19″ would have been better. Mines a 2006 fwiw..

    I’m 6′ and have a 17″, but I prefer a bit of a more playful feel

    Cove Hummer by South Downs MTB Skills, on Flickr


    hummerlicious, lovely bike, great pic. Made me smile

    Thanks, it has some slightly pimpier wheels on it now, and it makes me smile when I ride it 🙂

    Premier Icon somafunk

    They’re slightly short in the top tube, i usually (previous frame) ride a 15.5″ frame with a 23″ top-tube (effective) but my 17″ cove hummer has a 21.5″ top tube (effective), i tried a 70mm stem on it which did help to get the front end to really dig in when cornering as so much weight was over the front end but it felt too cramped when out the saddle climbing so i moved up to an 85mm stem and i’m much happier, there’s a slight degradation in the immediacy of turn in but i can happily stand and humph the bike up climbs without clipping my knees off the shifter/bars now.

    If you are 5’10” then i imagine the 19″ would be a better fit as they do size up small in the top-tube, i’m well chuffed with mine, does absolutely everything i ask of it.

    Gratuitous pic of it, now fitted with a KS Lev dropper post which is fantastic.


    cheers fellas
    somafunk that is one stunning bike
    I have a 16″ blue pig which is just pefect for me so think iam going with the 18″
    thanks for your help chaps

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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