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  • Cove Hummer Sizing Advice and measurement sought?
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    Dunno if it will help but I used to ride a custom 15.5″ steel frame then a 16″ scandium salsa and i’ve recently bought a 17″ cove hummer that has pretty much identical top tube lengths to my previous frames and a similar standover height so i was wise to “size up” by a frame size – I’m 5.6ft tall btw.


    Hello Hummer owners,

    I’m 5.10, usually ride 23.5″ – 24″ ETT frames with short stems and an inline post. I recently threw my leg over an 18″ hummer whilst on holiday, just a quick car park spin, which felt great running 711mm wide bars and a 70mm stem. This was just a chance spin for a few minutes but it’s left me wondering (aside from wanting one) if I’d be better off with the 19″ frame and the tight stand over (which I’m not keen on).

    Or does the 18″ actually measures up longer than the geo spec’s stated 23″ – which may go someway to explain why it didn’t feel tiny at the time.

    🙂 any sage wisdom and actual measurements out there?


    I would say the 18″ would be better. Mine is the older Litespeed version though not the Lynskey. I am around 5ft 11″ and sold a 17″ which I thought would be too small which is currently on Ebay at a good price of £700.

    Silverfish said the 17″ would be ok up to 5 ft 10″.

    I can’t recommend the Ebay seller enough if your tempted and the frame is mint- as good as new.

    There have been a lot of problems with the Lynskey versions snapping also.


    If the 18 felt great then the question’s pointless.


    The 18 felt great on the flat with no intention to buy, just a chance to try one out. It left a great impression, although after an hour or so climbing up hill my concerns about the shorter reach might be a greater concern.


    Hi i am 5″9 and made the mistake of buying a 18″ Humnmer back in 05 when all my other bikes had been 18″ Konas/specialized etc.Was ok but to big for me sold it and got 09 17″ spot on.They come up big.So a 18″ would be spot on for you 19″ i reckon would be to big.I am only talking about the Litespeed built ones.Great bikes.


    My guess is that that cove’s published 23″ ETT is wrong.

    Anyone out there willing to confirm their effective top tube measurements please?|
    It would be super cool if someone can give me the following measurements:
    1. Effective top tube – center of head tube (allen key bolt) to center of seat post (top of post beneath seat clamp.
    2. distance from top of saddle to ground.
    3. Length stem used.

    Not heard a word from either silverfish or cove and it’s a lot of dollar to risk chancing sizes.

    Big thank you in advance

    i have a 18″ Litespeed built Hummer in the shaed – I’ll go measure TT and ETT in a bit

    Premier Icon Alex

    I had an 18 from about 2008 I think. Quite a short TT. At 5ft11 with stumpy 31in legs, always felt a little bit short. Tried it with a layback/longer stem but didn’t like that either! Kept it for four years tho, fab bike. Mate who is about 5ft9 has a 17 and that seems to fit him well.

    ok – 22″ Top Tube

    22.5″ Effective Top Tube.

    I am 6′ tall, run a 90mm stem on it and i reaally needed the 19″ with a 70mm stem.

    it’s been welded twice and it’s now a SS pub bike, but I still have feelings for it 🙂


    im 5-9 and rode a 18″ sandvik hummer for years. i never use it now


    I’m 5’11 and ride a 2006 Lite speed hummer in 18″, and it is perfect for me (with Layback post & 90mm stem & wide bars). Sometimes I thought that maybe a 19″ would have been better, but then it is so good to ride.

    My 5’7″ & growing rapidly son tried it the other day, and with a straight post he can ride it but still a bit big for him. He already has decided he will have it when he outgrows his 16″ scandal. I don’t think I get a say in it!


    Cool guys, thank you so much for taking the time. I think it’s the 19″ or not at all then for me, shame about the increased stand over, but I can work out how tight that gets from my current bikes and take it from there.

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