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  • Was looking at the yeti SB 66 but now considering the Cove G Spot. It needs to climb well and steer like a stiffee. Any opinions?


    Cove G-Spot Review

    I´ve seen that one in action, it´s a nice bike.
    So much so that two other guides bought the same one.

    Doug from BasqueMTB seems to like his.

    Cove G-Spot Review

    **edit** dammit, too slow!


    my original one (BB pivot) is HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY as foooook.. good fun bike though..


    Love mine, but I’ve had it 3 years now so looking to sell (long shot but might do a swap if you have a Heckler) if you are interested – email in profile.
    Its a large pixie blue with RS Vivid coil piggyback shock.


    snaps, out of curiosity what does yours weigh?

    Mine when it had v1 66’s was around the 42lb mark, i didn’t mind this as it was only for “playing” around on. It also made the front end uber slack and very hard work to pedal on anything remotly uphill. I’ve since stuck some Pikes on which has made a large difference to pedal-ability but still effing heavy to pedal around..

    I appreciate DH tubes, dualply highrollers will be adding some weight, as will saint cranks, but i can’t see it loosing that much weight?



    That pic was taken in the Alps with dual position air Lyriks, big brakes & dual ply DH tyres – about 38lbs
    With lighter wheels, tyres & brakes I’ve had it down to 33.5lbs – the DPA forks make a big difference to its ease of climbing.
    Here it is with Maverick DUC32s & a Rohloff hubgear @ 34.4lbs

    anyone know any weights for the current version?

    Mid 30’s would be my guess. I have a new version medium with talas 160mm, and a dhx air.
    Its an amazing bike, however its a bit heavy and to be honest overkill for trail centers etc. I use mine for messing around and dh and jumping off stuff.
    Don’t let that put you off though. It is an absolutely amazing bike and goes like a rocket as soon as you point it downhill

    Graham. thanks for that. worried about the overkill, but then, I’m riding a Cove Stiffee largely on single track with only a few features to justify the bike. Anyone near Glasgow have one I can try?

    To be honest though, as much as it is overkill it is a right laugh and it does encourage you to mess about.

    Find it every time! 🙂


    snaps – OMG! – How tall are you?

    I’d return promptly to the bike shop that sold you that size…….

    i would like to try a climb on one…

    Does anyone have one with 150 mm travel? I see the recommended maximum is 160 mm but I’m trying to avoid buying new forks. so want to use 150 mm.
    I’m aware that the 1.5 inch head tube will need a shim to accept a 1 1/8 inch steerer.

    The new type is pretty good at climbing, its just heavy. Traction is outstanding though.

    Graham, thanks for that. Do you have any thoughts on running it with a 150 mm rather than a 160 mm fork?

    I have used the talas on mine, run it at 130 and 160mm, so can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work at 150mm

    I’ve got one, 2011 “new shape” model. It’s outstanding, so versatile, i’ve ridden the xc trails at Glentress, Innerliethen and Cwmcarn and i’ve done uplifts at Cwmcarn and Inners.

    They’re bombproof but not light, i’ve got a coil shock. coil lyrics, downhill rims and tyres and it weighs about 36lbs. When I bought mine it was a decision between the G shock and a Slopestyle 2, I went with the Cove because you can fit a front mech and run a triple or a double.

    If you want a lighter type of bike maybe a Nomad?



    cheers for that. Based on what you’ve said I’m still looking at the G Spot. (cue inappropriate comments…) 🙂

    I have the newest model g-spot, it climbs fine! At least as good as my last bike did (on-one carbon 456). It has a DHX 5.0 shock and the pro-pedal seems to make a lot of difference. Climbed up “the wall” at Swinley yesterday a couple of times no bother…

    Bought it 😀

    3.8 kg. just weighed it. what’s the best front derailleur for this?
    thinking XT as I am now on a budget…

    First ride on it last night. Very nice. Doesn’t feel heavy at all. Thanks.

    I need a josting account. 🙁 will sort out. 🙂

    Here it is:

    15.4 kg


    I’ve trimmed the cables a bit since the photo.


    nice bicycle!

    Nice bike! I´ve been riding mine loads this last few months and still love it after 3 years. It´s about the only thing I´ve not broken, it´s bombproof!

    thanks for the positive comments.
    I have also put the Stiffee back to the configuration in my profile picture so it’s got the marzocci forks back on it. couldn’t have that frame sitting around and not be rideable.


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