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    Dpd always play “knock and run” on my door rather than wait 5 seconds then take the parcel to a depot 25 miles away! When going to pick one up one day I was told by the manager I’d broken the 6mph speed limit in the car park and he wasn’t going to let me have my parcel!!
    After the worlds most pointless conversation I told him if he refunded my £30 fuel he could keep the parcel and do one cos I’d had enough, he then told me I was banned from the depot and was now trespassing!
    Long story short an almighty argument occurred and he locked himself out the back and called the police, the police arrive, I calmly explain what happened, he gives a completely fabricated tale of events, the police decide the best thing would be just to give me my parcel and let me be on my way!!
    I won’t order from anywhere that uses dpd now, always found UPS to be really good though


    Most of us have ordered items over the internet, biking and non-biking, to be delivered via a courier. Some of you will also have used couriers to send items. Who have been the best and worst to use or interact with.

    I have had good service from the Royal Mail in receiving stuff but have had a couple of items go walkies over the last 20 years. DHL have been good for rapid redelivery recently as have UPS.

    My worst interactions have been with Yodel, who are virtually uncontactable, wife once spent 20 minutes on the phone to get told “we don’t know where it is”, and in another instance they have denied the parcel I am waiting on exists.

    I currently have companies I won’t order from because of the courier they use, does anyone else have any particularly bad experiences?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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