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  • Countryside fly-tipping scourge: highest level in 13 years
  • hb70
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    Councils charge/restrict tip/refuse services because their funding has been halved in the last 12 years whilst their statutory duties have not changed at all. Councils choose (are forced to choose) funding statutory functions around social care at the expense of parks, librarys, effective tips etc. 90% of the comments above criticise councils for trying to recover some of the costs of refuse services, as opposed to tracing the blame back to government for systemic underfunding. Its an act of political genius by the current government, cutting local government funding in support of your own ideology around a small state, and getting another organisation to cop the blame in forums like this.

    Until we all start descibing the problem more accurately, we’re stuffed.

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    As an American, I had to click and read the article, just to find out what “Fly-tipping” could possibly be.
    I felt fairly confident it could not mean giving monney to flies, so the closest I could come up with was something like fly fishing, attaching flies to tips of the line.

    Fun language mysteries aside, it is unfortunately a problem everywhere.

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    To be honest, I look at the money cost of fly-tipping and the physical headache of fixing the problem, and think that it would be easier to divert that money to just allowing anyone to dump anything at a council tip.

    This +1

    Ultimately it all ends up costing everyone about the same anyway.

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    Council budgets cut blah blah I’m crying already.

    It’s such a pain taking anything to the tip these days it’s no wonder people dump .
    Don’t get me wrong, I nearly broke my neck on rubbish dumped on my local bridleway lately in the long grass , and seeing rubbish in the country drives me to tears , but council restrictions at tips and removal of bins everywhere isn’t the way forward.
    There will always be lazy twa#s and scammers taking money from pensioners for rubbish removal, we know who they are , the council knows too but they are too PC to take them on 🤬
    Rant over 😂

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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