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  • Wow, looks like that quarry at Portland could have some fun riding?

    Is there a question in there somewhere?

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    Used to ride there donkey’s years ago – early 1990s. I can remember *nearly* meeting my maker on one of the cliff top paths on a beautiful loaned Breezer. Was riding with my brother – he had a pink Fisher at the time, I think – and it was a close call with the small matter of several hundred feet of fresh air to our right hand side! Don’t think our parents know to this day…

    There also used to be a BMX track up there – the quarries were fantastic fun. We had a route that pretty much circumnavigated the island. Plenty of night rides with Ever Ready D-Cells and old Petzls on our Etto helmets. Those were the days…

    Not to mention the climbing, caving and sailing – top place to grow up.

    Question? Maybe….


    Some of Britain’s best sea cliff climbing is on limestone in places like Swanage and Pembroke but that there Portland looks a bit crumbly for the top third.

    s’all bolted… some of the best sport routes in the uk, apparently. met my wife at the top of triple slab arete, happy days!


    Spent a magical weekend there a couple of summers ago, blazing sun both days, stayed in Lower Light (my dad was a lighthouse keeper in Scotland), luckily they had the painters on site, and they were old school, so they let me and the gf up and round the tower for a viewing, then did a round the edge loop (as best we could) down to Weymouth harbour for lunch – awesome, blue sky, sea melding to green sand then dark blue, investigated the sculpture park,wataching the ripe at the point back up on the old tramway and amazing then found a gluten free pie shop somewhere along just up from Chesil beach.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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