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  • aphex_2k

    Are council vehicles exempt from being issued penalty notices? Our local ticket people seem to have problems seeing the large flat-backed lorries parked all over the pavement and on double yellows. (Not just a one-off, it’s every week here – grass cutters, meals on wheels etc).

    I’m a bit sore as I got a ticket for being parked on double yellows and “blocking access for wheelchair users and people with pushchairs/prams” which I accepted and paid. But makes my blood boil to not only see council vehicles doing what I did, but also seeing ticket officers on mopeds drive past these vans.

    Can I put carpet tacks under their wheels? Is that acceptable?

    I work for a council and got two tickets when I parked in our own car park but forgot to show my pass, even though the Car Parks Dept know my car and reg and knew it was mine, I still had to pay so show that we are no different than Joe Public…

    But if they are some form for “service” vehicle they are likely to be excused..


    IIRC you can “load” on double yellows. They might be pushing the definition a bit 😀


    Lol. It doesn’t take from 9am to load/unload a flatback with a couple of lawnmowers on. Mind you, it’s taken about 30 mins for the dude to sit on the wall looking at them, smoking rollups.

    I don’t see how a “service” can be excused from parking offences when they stung me for blocking access to wheelchairs etc. Hardly think short grass is the winning factor.

    Me? bitter? Nooooo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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