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    Our local council isn't increasing Council tax next year.

    Thank goodness, because a 5% rise would have cost me 17p a day! I'm sure the roads will grit themselves and the kids can just wear their coats inside and share pencils.

    All in favour of efficiency, however for our local authority that seems to be reducing front line workers but keeping all the managers.

    I think public sector employess do, in the main, a brilliant job but I can see why the paying public lose their gruntles.

    I'd vote for him.


    The bin service has been cut by 75% and the world hasn't ended. A good model for all other council 'services'.


    Council tax has been frozen here in Edinburgh for the last two years, which is great for me living on my own as I save a lot of money, but you can see the cracks as primary schools have closed, and there's been a dispute with the bin men (still ongoing as far as I know). The roads in the city are in an atrocious condition too, but I suspect this is more to do with the **** trams sucking up that cash pot more than anything…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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