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  • rogerthecat

    Quick gender reassignment.
    Get pregnant.
    Leave the father.
    Top of housing list.
    Job done.

    Why do people like to make things hard! 🙄


    rogerthecat, you must have been to Stevenage. I sure it’s the under age single mother capital, their career advice must run something like 14 get laid, have kid, 16 get flat or house.

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    I work in a H.A. but not in the sales dept so I can only give you a bit of an overview as to what’s going on at our place.

    Like the rest of the market the sales on our Shared Equity has dropped, we have several millions tied up in stock, the people that take up buy to let are the people least likely to be able to get a mortgage, this has got even tougher with banks wanting up to 20% deposit and then finding any reason to pull out.

    The result of this is you are seriously considering shared equity HA’s will be very keen to sign you up. I’m not so sure that they will reduce the price of the house as they are already “affordable” but they will do things like offer free rent, pay or contribute to legal costs and offer cash to help moving in costs.

    I’m sure conditions vary from HA to HA but as long as you don’t earn over 60k a year you are eligible.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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