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  • Could you get any more boring…?
  • ro

    … you spend all this time telling me I'm a complete ninny for (amongst other things) being in love with V brakes, yet all I see is post after post after post where you're collectively whining like girlies about setting up, bleeding, pad-eating, juddering, which-rotor-size-for-Mont Blanc, disc brakes.

    FFS, get a life. Buy brakes where the only thing you have to stress over is a bit of grit in the pads or rim wear and which can be set up and maintained by a complete mechanical moron – I know, for I am that moron – in ten minutes.

    'But… but… we want ULTIMATE BRAKING POWER'
    I hear you moan. Here's a plan. Anticipate and brake earlier. Or if you must zoom down stupidly steep descents to prove your manhood, take up paragliding, it's more fun and it makes all the babes go weak the the knees.

    Seriously, you've been led up the garden path like sheep, deserting the essential simplicity and maintainability of a bike for what? So you can brake 3m later into corner? Assh*les.

    *Cue 'disc brakes saved my life and fed my family of seven' stories…

    Its not as dull as your post. Why have such a chip about discs? They are better, if you dont believe it fine, but your a moron. End of .

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Just one thing you've missed from your argument-winter, v brakes are awful in wet muddy conditions,.doesn't matter how well set up they are, rims are too near the tires and the slurry runs under your pads and you might as well have no brakes, winter commuting on salty roads is also a reason why even the cheapest disc brakes will always be the choice of the experienced, real cyclist compared to Vs

    Premier Icon singletrackmind

    Someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.

    Its sunny, it might not last for long . I strongly suggest you go for a ride ( somewhere flat ) and try to relax and unwind.


    Not wishing to feed the Troll, but obviously missing the point that virtually nobody's left running V-brakes to moan about all of their problems, not to mention the fact it's only a very small minority with disc problems compared to the number of people actually using them.


    You've got a point, there is a lot of pontificating about pointless and minor stuff on this forum. But hey, live and let live. That's kind of what a specialist forum is about.

    FWIW I spend loads less time maintaining discs than I do rim brakes. Even V's used to be inconsistent and in time wore down your rims. So no, I won't be going back thanks very much. Not sure why there's a big chip on your shoulder regarding discs. They really are better in pretty much every aspect.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Someone needs to go back to trolling school. I mean put your back into it FFS – that effort would have been poor in 2001.


    ro- I kind of like your rebel soul… you post your caustic ramblings here to shake things up a bit.. ruffle some feathers.. to provoke thought
    You're a lone ranger fighting for sense, proportion and introspection..
    and you maintain this black sheep persona with a certain eloquance and a small degree of penmanship..

    but you're wrong about disc brakes my old fruit.. they are a godsend during the winter months if the trails are wet and muddy.. I took many many years to be persuaded to convert proclaiming the disc braking community fashion victims… but I was wrong.. as are you

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    1/10, very poor. Your rant is like a broken pencil, pointless.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Definitely nothing more boring than the op

    Could you get any more boring…?

    Just for you ro…

    …So you can brake 3m later into corner?…

    I find it averages out to around 4.5m per corner.


    i have vee's on my tourer
    in the winter when it is wet and shitty, they are crap.
    i rode my tourer offroad with knobblie tyres on this winter
    the vee's were crap x 10…. 😆

    even my crappist discs (bb5 are x10 better than the crappy vee's

    i love discs so much that i am goona run shimano saint 200mm discs on all my bikes.

    i buy saints cos i can afford to run them and they are the best discs available.

    ro, you tight cheapskate ba5tardo, you stick with your crappy vee's…… 😆

    Edric 64

    So if discs are so hard to set up why have I never done anything to mine in 6 years apart from change the pads .No new fluid never had to bleed them or anything?
    I run v brakes and canti's on some old bikes as well and they don't compare to disc's.I assume you will be searching for the old Victorian spoon brake that used the surface of your solid tyres to be totally retro soon?


    I'm sorry why would i want to take up paragliding when i want to ride my bike 🙁

    Ha, what is this, 2001? Perhaps next you'll be whining about how no-one needs 5 inches of travel, or maybe bitching about having to go 9-speed?


    Ha, what is this, 2001? Perhaps next you'll be whining about how no-one needs 5 inches of travel, or maybe bitching about having to go 9-speed?

    I like my single speed rigid bikes. But the Avid BB7s are much less faff than hydraulics.

    V brakes are nasty though. All the mud collects around them in a great big wodge, and then you just grind inexorably to a halt and fall off into the gooey sticky sludgy mud, face first.

    Bikes are sooooo unreliable and it's soooooo boring

    Walking slowly is where it's at.


    Premier Icon convert

    What a wierd thing to do- get up on a Saturday and think "you know what, I need to have damned good troll about brakes". Got a quick hour bike ride in before breakie this morning – much more bracing. And the bike had discs, imagine how much better it would have been if I'd taken the canti clad cross?

    Thats it……you are so right…..disks are evil……the Cooper S is getting converted to all round drums tonight.


    V brakes killed my mother.


    couldn't be bothered with discs for ages, ran V's, given that my well set up V's worked better than my mates cheap Discs, unless it was muddy or wet. I live in yorkshire where it is always muddy and wet (except at the moment) Then I bought a disc only frame and ran discs. that is all.


    small degree of penmanship? SMALL? my writing earns me a fortune in asia! but then i guess english isn't their native language 🙁

    it's simple, boys and girls. try getting your 5" travel super-forks and disc equipped piece of carbon crap sorted when some component fails half way up a pass into cambodia. no-one here rides that techno-nonsense because most of the asian riders actually ride mtb's in mountains, not ponce around on carefully manicured 'adventure trails' like you wanabees. get real. you're ipod-adventurers. a legend in your own weekend-breaks in the lakes.

    stop posting on my thread and get back to daydreaming about lives you'll never lead; experiences you'll never touch.




    I could write a better troll than that in my sleep. Yawn.


    do you need a hug?



    Well considering all the stuff is manufactrued in taiwan, you'll get a quick delivery of the needed sapre in cambodgia pretty quick 😀

    Premier Icon Woody

    I disagree, ro is a better than average troll. Problem is that he goes too far with the insults but that may just be reverse psychology.

    I'd be interested to know where he actually posts from. Vietnam or perhaps a bedsit in Clapton ?


    So ickle ro is living in Asia, who hasnt.

    Premier Icon DickBarton

    I have nothing to argue against that with other than this –

    Buy brakes where the only thing you have to stress over is a bit of grit in the pads or rim wear

    That'll be 2 things then.

    Have to say when V brakes are properly set up they are very good…but discs are far better – more stopping power and therefore more control – can leave braking until the last minute and they do tend to work more consistently in all weathers. Not really had the same issues as others with brakes so I tend to find they are fit and forget…but I recall this sort of 'rant' when cantis were replaced by v brakes only this one seems to be about 8 years too late…


    i'll take the hug. just no touching below the waist. well, not until we're on first name terms anyway.

    forum admin can tell you where i post from. i freely invite them to ban me today if i'm not being honest with you 🙂

    and, oddly enough, it's very difficult to get bike bits out here. why that is i don't know, 'cos as someone ponted out it should be easy. weird, huh?

    now, go away and have your weekend 'adventures'.


    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Are we supposed to care?


    you're a pedant, dick… or perhaps you're a dick, pedant?

    but you are correct. apologies 🙂


    Mechanical discs (BB7) are a good compromise. If you get the cables lubed up well they feel almost as good as hydraulic, and stop just as well. Easier maintenance, just wind in the pads a little when they start to wear.

    My brakes need bleeding and I'm tempted to just spend the bleed kit money on a rear BB7 (already have a front lying around doing nothing).


    V brakes? Pfft. Pussy. 1977 Raleigh Strika with a pedal-back brake is where its at. 😡


    they have MECHANICAL discs???

    why did no-one tell me? do they work?


    Seeing as I don't ride in Cambodia I reckon I should be fine. I have only ever replaced the pads on my discs. Better in mud. Rims don't wear out. A buckle in the wheel doesn't affect the brakes. They work better in the wet. They don't make that horrible scraping sound when it's muddy. I don't need to lube cables. Do I need to go on? Sorry ro, but you are talking bollocks.


    do they work?

    Well I could do endo's on mine and was 18 stone at the time, so I would say they have the power, yes 🙂 Just not quite as nice modulation/lever feel and a little flexier.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329

    Takes me 10 minutes to bleed a brake, 5 minutes for a new set of pads every 6 months, never need adjusting otherwise.

    V-brakes…let me think…all that agro constantly adjusting the pads so they sit centrally on the rim as they wear, having to 'toe in' the pads so the leading edge touches first to avoid juddering, having to make minute adjustments to the spring tension screws so one pad doesn't constantly rub on the rim, fraying inner cables, having to squeeze the arms together impossibly hard to disconnect the 'noodle' when you've recently fitted new pads and want to take the wheel out, the horrible grinding after you've ridden through a muddy puddle, the arms peeling the mud off the tyres until everything clogs solid, and that moment of sheer terror when you realise the brakes are wet and you need to slow down quick. And if you buckle a wheel, you have to ride home with the brake disconnected.

    We've all lived with V Brakes, have you tried living with disc brakes? Cars/carts dispensed with wooden rim brakes a hundred years ago…move with the times?


    I have a disk brake at the front and a V brake at the back so I'm constantly reminded as to which is best.

    yet all I see is post after post after post where you're collectively whining like girlies about setting up, bleeding, pad-eating, juddering, which-rotor-size-for-Mont Blanc, disc brakes.

    I think if the majority of people on here had v-brakes then you'd see post after post after post…..after post of complaing and general fettling queries, which is one more post and obviously more.
    I dislike v-brakes as they turn to crap in the winter splodge around these parts and make the experience of enjoying a good days biking around the local woods less enjoyable for me. Apart from replacing pads I've had zero maintenance on my disc brakes in 2 years. The ones on my previous bike had a similar story as did the set previous to that.

    Finally: disc brakes disc brakes disc brakes disc brakes. 😀

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