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  • Could my drink have been spiked?
  • Haze

    Blue Devils!

    How’s your bum feel?


    I always get paranoid after I go out drinking heavily. You don’t remember anything probably because nothing of interest happened.

    How old are you?

    fist reply nailed it tbf…

    Woken after a great nights sleep feeling good. Just need to go to work now. Ar$e.


    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I always worry if I’ve acted like an idiot, said something I shouldn’t have, offended someone or gone too far the next day.

    And after a night on the booze I feel even worse. I have anxiety issues by am slowly learning that no else gives a monkeys (everyone has their own problems), so why should I ?


    You are Ben Fogle and I claim my £5


    How’s your bum feel?


    Were your pants still on the right way around?

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    hairyscary had it first reply. As Ian Brown famously intoned, you’ve got the fear…



    Nah – deffo not spiked, Anxiety …
    If you were spiked it would have kicked in much sooner, an hour or two at the most.
    I was spiked in York a couple of years ago which led to a very bizzare night involving 2 train journeys and sleeping on a building site – seemed quite normal at the time ….. 🙄

    Mrs Toast

    I’ve had two friends who have had their drinks spiked – in the first case, we got her home and she was rolling around the floor giggling, trying to catch imaginary frogs.

    In the second case, the friend in question became immensely paranoid and tearful, and thought she could see stuff trying to break into the car as I was driving her home.

    In both cases the effects occurred whilst we were still at the nightclub – both were fine the next day but couldn’t remember anything.

    Aaaand that’s when I became designated drinks watcher as well of designated driver. The joys of being teetotal…


    “thekingisdead – you were fantastic.”


    The good news is you will have a worse nights sleep tonight than last night!! the Bogey man WILL visit you!!! you will start having good flashbacks tomorrow peaking Wednesday, you`ll realise it was the beer causing your daft actions , gutted Thursday, so what Friday, good to go back on beer again Saturday!!!

    I get horrendous anxiety the next day if I drink (vodka and..) Redbull during a night out, FYI.


    You sure it was Beer might have been Horse P!ss?

    Who knows where the horse contamination ends.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’ve been overcome with paranoia

    Woken after a great nights sleep feeling good

    see, I’d be thinking “Did someone give me a drug to stop me feeling paranoid” about now.

    I think you’re not paranoid enough.


    Sounds like typical alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you have not been spiked

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