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  • Klunk

    a knobbly 2.35 kenda nevegal fits in the frame OKish, the problem i have is i run the 2.5mm BB on the non drive side (as i find it gives a better chainline that way round) i find that the front mech rubs on the tyre under load when in granny.

    it should fit george.ive got one on the front of my spearfish.its not a great deal bigger than the 2.25.

    Cool, won’t be running a front mech, so should be ok there.

    Have had 2.35 Nevegals in the past on other bikes, the 2.4 Nobby Nics are much the same width, so I’m thinking a less-knobbly Ralph should be fine.

    No issues with the tyre touchign the frame when it flexes?


    I had a 2.4 Rubber Queen on my Mk 1 Soul last year.
    I wouldn’t think you’d have any problems with a Ralph.

    Right – the 2.4 RQs are the biggest 2.4 I’ve ever seen, if they fit, then I’m sorted.

    Thanks all.

    Just had a bunch of bits arrive for the Soul I’m building, and amongst them is a 2.4 Racing Ralph that I rather stupidly ordered for the back, without considering whether it would fit. Will it be OK, or should it go straight back in the CRC box to exchange for a 2.25?

    I’ve got pretty big (54mm casing, 56mm tread width) Bontrager XR4 2.2s on mine and there’s enough clearance front and back that I’m planning to run them year round. Thank you Cotic and Fox (aren’t they in California?) for building in enough space for mud and big rubber!


    Just to back up brokensoul i also briefly had a 2.4 rubber queen fitted to the rear of my souls (mk1 then my new one) mental big but it did fit ok apart from some initial front mech buzzing.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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