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    Decided to stop pretending to be a roadie! So, one Roadrat, in sexy brown. This is a medium/short for drop bars. Call it a winter bike, fast commuter, tourer, whatever you like 😉

    Bike is in the Edinburgh area, viewers welcome… Not very keen to split but could be open to sensible offers. Eh, not sure what it’s worth so let’s kick off at £500 to see what happens. Postage available at cost but be aware there’ll be delays in posting til I can sort a box etc.

    Kit as follows:

    Mavic Open Sports on Formula hubs (not the bargain basement cup-n-cone shimano-knockoff formulas you find on entry level bikes, btw, these are pretty lovely) Tyres are Michelin Pro 3s, with nice Conti Race lightweight tubes.

    Groupset is mostly 10speed 105. Cranks are Truvativ Elita double. Brakes are Tektro mini-vs (nb- these work perfectly with the 5600 shifters, other than that you need to wind off the barrel adjuster before removing wheels) Otherwise all-105

    Finishing kit is Raceface Cadence bars and stem, Next SL carbon seatpost, Hope seatclamp, Charge Spoon saddle, Fizik bar tape. Yes this is a mountainbiker’s road bike 😉

    Also has a set of SKS full mudguards, in silver, and can include a set of vittorio cx tyres if you want to take it offroad or do a muddy commute. Oh, and the very sexeh pedals are not included!

    The good news:

    Mostly in very nice condition, paint is in good nick with just very minor scratches, all consumables are in good condition other than the tyres- it’s not had an awful lot of use. Ready to ride in other words and it shouldn’t need any parts for a long time.

    Enormous amounts of steerer available for tweaking, should you want to go for a high tourer setup- my setup is a wee bit gimpy as I’m inflexible, so it looks odd, but obviously easy to change.

    The bad things:

    There are some scrapes on the shifters. They work perfectly though. The seat-tube is slightly crimped where the previous owner gorilla’d on a front mech, nothing to worry about but not nice. (there’s a little missing paint, most of the visible “damage” is just a bit of missing sticker- a new sticker panel would hide the damage well) And the rear wheel has a slight “hop” in it, it works absolutely fine but I can’t call it perfect.

    The tyres, despite having only a year and a few hundred miles on them, have surface cracks- I have no idea if this is a problem or not, I’ve ridden on them fine and I can’t feel any loss of grip, you might want to replace them though.

    More pics, in case you hadn’t realised just how brown it is:

    Almost brand new rear mech and cassette- I had a wider ratio setup on it with an XT rear mech so this has barely been used

    Rings in great nick- you can see from the lack of wear on the arms how little use this has had.

    Premier Icon waliboy

    Hi there,

    Have emailed you about this. Keen to have a look.


    Premier Icon Northwind


    Just to answer a couple of questions- Cotic recommend the medium for riders from 5’8 to 5’11. I can’t comment much on sizing, I’m not very drop-bar compatible… I’m 5’10 and it seemed to work but then I daresay I’ve built it “wrong” 😉 The idea is supposed to be that if you fit a medium Cotic, you fit all the medium Cotics, makes sense to me- I’m a medium in Soda and Hemlock.

    The geometry’s gone from the Cotic website now so I’ve pulled it from wayback…

    Frame Size Medium Short
    Seat Tube (centre-top) 50cm
    Top Tube Length 56cm
    Head Angle 72°
    Seat Angle 73°
    BB Drop 55mm
    Head Tube Length 140mm
    Usual Height Range 5’8″ – 5’11”
    Stem Length (with drop bars) 90mm – 110mm
    Fork Length 400mm
    Fork Rake(centre-top) 45mm

    Premier Icon Northwind

    A wee bump and a price drop, let’s try £450.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Bumpity bump


    Still for sale?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oops, sorry, sold- still got the drivetrain and wheels to sell but otherwise all gone.

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