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    Any u guys riding one of these beasts.Im very curiuos after having got a Soul and thinking its the dogs.How well do they ride with the 4″ rockers,r they raceable.

    I ride mine with 4″ rockers and a Pike. It mainly gets used on really rocky stuff on Dartmoor but it’s a really versatile bike, a great climber and nimble on the singletrack. I really like it. I used to ride my Soul everywhere, even took it to the alps. It hardly gets ridden at all now.
    As for racing, it’s not my thing so I wouldn’t like to comment. I build my bikes up to withstand my clumsy riding over harsh terrain so I’m sure my Hemlock could be much lighter than it is and it’s not at all heavy.
    Definately recommend getting a test ride if you can.


    Tahnks for that,ive got a Soul and its just brill but looks like i might have 2 add a Hemlock to the crew.The Cotics r a real bargan here in NZ.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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