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  • J273

    Looking at getting a BFe but unsure on size with me being 6ft

    Want a chuckable frame but not too short and cramped for the longer all day rides.

    For those of you with a BFe and same height…Am i best with medium or large?


    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    I’m 5’8″ and my Medium was a perfect fit for me when I had it


    Call cotic I found them very helpful

    Unlike GW :). You never did list your extensive bike collection 😉

    My Soul is used in a similar manner (fast down, slower up, dirt jumps, drops, maybe some Gravity Enduro racing next year, but also some mile-munching faster XC rides and the odd race) and a medium works great for me – I’m exactly 5’10.5″ (and I have fairly broad shoulders and monkey arms) and the medium BFe has identical geometry with the same length forks (mine has 140s). Pictured here with the 4″ dropper post down (halfway down the page):

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    6 ft and have a med. Large not really in the picture at this height IMO, unless you have outlandish proportions. Large would be OK for perching on and doing some miles, but you wouldn’t be chucking it anywhere.

    Premier Icon smoothchicken

    5’9″ and got a small after speaking to Cotic, v.helpful, great for chucking about and not uncomfortable on longer rides but at at 6′ I’d say a medium would be right

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I’m 6ft and ride a medium soul. As suggested, give Cotic a ring, or drop them an email. Paul suggested medium for me and was spot on!


    very nearly 6’3″, just building a large, so will have to defer my answer to after (hopefully) tuesday first ride

    Premier Icon mboy

    I’m 5ft11 (well a smidge under) and I had a small as I wanted something for mucking about on primarily. Fitted it with a 50mm stem, and… It was too short really!

    Would’ve been ok with a 70mm, but if I bought one again, I’d probably buy a Medium and use a 50-60mm stem on it.


    Ill fire them an email but mediums looking best.

    Ill be banging a shorter (50mm) stem on it with some wide bars which is what i currently run.

    RV Mushman

    I’m 6ft and after much head scratchin’ went for the medium Bfe.. Its definately the choice if you want a do everything Bfe.. Trail centres, all day epics, playin’ in the woods, the medium size is perfect coupled with 60mm stem and wide as you like bars!
    Go small if all you want to do is play or downhill stuff..

    Heres mine on a Derbyshire all dayer..


    5’10” and have a small Bfe and a medium Soda. Soda is definitely the better fit for climbing/all day rides, and simply awesome on singletrack, but the BFe is the better frame for committing stupidity on.


    I’m 6ft and run the medium.
    i have a 50mm stem and 680 bars. Plenty of space, it’s fantastic for throwing around the woods.

    Running a 160mm fork though will probabbly drop that down to 140 in the NY.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    I’m 6′ and have a medium Soul.
    It was kind of borderline for all day stuff at the start but it’s worth it for being chuckable (70mm stem, layback pin, 685mm bars).
    Large would be too big (IMO) for a BFe.
    As mentioned above call Cotic.
    But they will tell you the same… 😀


    If you want it to be chuckable then the medium, should also be fine for the longer days out.

    I tried both sizes recently and found the medium to be much better for the downs (just under 6ft).


    Where are you based?

    Welcome to throw a leg over my medium-Cannock chase area. 😀

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