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  • Cotic BFe Max Review – Another Cotic Classic!
  • singletrackandi
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    Cotic BFe Max review! Cotic takes the BFe name made famous 16 years ago and gives it a 2021 29er spin. There are a few bike models that have really sh …

    By singletrackandi

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    A quick note on headsets… when ordering frame only from Cotic you can add a headset and it’ll come fitted pressed into the frame to save you that job.

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    Thought my 2019 Solaris max was perfect for me until I tried a 2021 Bfe 😶

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    Agree with what Kelvin posted, you can get the headset fitted if you choose one when ordering the frame direct from Cotic. I’m certain you could also get a BB fitted when ordering the frame, and thankfully Cotic went with a treaded 73mm BSA BB on this frame for easier serviceability.

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    Picked up a Yellow XL in February, set at 140mm, it’s done everything from Dales XC loops to a weekend in Innerleithen all brilliantly. My mega hasn’t had a look in, recommended.

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    Built one of these up for my 15 year old son, and it’s awesome and he loves it. Despite initially wanting a full Susser, and although he sometimes complains about the ‘hard tail’ ride, he didn’t want to swap for my Flaremax on a recent ride we did, and that’s no shrinking violet either.

    I used it in the the lakes earlier this year while the Flaremax was poorly, and it took many steep climbs and gnarly descents well within it’s stride.

    No wonder her isn’t keen to give it up!🤔

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    Read a few reports about people being disappointed with the Solaris max. This is heavier and more downhill focussed but gets praise for its climbing.

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    As others have already stated, order a frame with a headset and it’ll come installed (from memory same for bottom brackets). Every direct bought frame I’ve had from them (there have been, err, a few) have had this.

    And wtf is happening with the colour, is it yellow, green or two different frames? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    Only disappointing thing about mine is that it’s blue and not awesome yellow, it’s a great bike.

    Sykes – those Pirellis – is that a 2.4 Scorpion S Enduro rear, and a 2.4 Scoprion S Trail front? (I’m guessing from the tyre review)

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    Certainly not disappointed with mine either.
    As above, I just asked Cotic to press in the headset when I ordered the frame. Great people to deal with.

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    There are not many people with a headset press.

    There are lots of folk who have a headset press, and even more than use blocks of wood and hammers!

    For those that dont, it’s super cheap to buy some threaded bar and some big washers. For a little more cash, you can buy turned down aluminium cup presses for about £15 on eBay. No reason for anyone to not have a press kicking around.

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    As much as I love my Solaris this isnt doing my itch for a longer travel hardtail any good at all!

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    Glad it wasn’t just me that found the emphasis on the headset a bit ott!

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    Can’t remember the last time I needed a headset press. I don’t own one, I’ve always used hammer /wood but every bike I’ve worked on lately has has drop-in bearings.

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    I did my first headset with a mallet. Then bought a cheap press. Gave up with it halfway through and went back to the mallet.

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    What cable guides are those? look like they would complete my SolarisMax nicely?

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