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  • Costco – for TVs ?
  • Premier Icon scaredypants
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    Not currently a member but they seem to offer cheapest for the telly I fancy

    Also offer a 5yr warranty, like JL would, which makes it sound great

    Am I missing anything ? Are they bastards ?

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    Been a Costco member for years.

    Not had cause to complain, but also not bought a telly.

    Premier Icon allyharp
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    Bought ours from there due to both price and the warranty you mention. They’re reportedly excellent at dealing with warranty, but I’ve never had to experience it.

    Worth noting that the prices in store for some things are cheaper than what they display online, and the range is often bigger too. So if you haven’t been in store yet you might find it even better than expected.

    Premier Icon dc2.0
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    They also have an excellent return policy should you have it for a few weeks and decide to get a bigger one..

    Premier Icon Rio
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    Haven’t had to return anything for a long time but when we did many years age it was a painless experience – they just gave us another TV to replace the faulty one.

    If you do join and go in the store bear in mind that it takes a strong will to get out without spending another £200 or so on other stuff.

    Premier Icon Stainypants
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    We have bought our last few from Costco, had one where the bezel started delaminating after a year took it back in got given what we paid back in cash. Walked around the shop and bought that year’s equivalent model but better spec’d for £100 less. You have to go through the concierge service now for return as people were abusing the returns policy but if you have a genuine reason to return it i’m sure they’ll be excellent. My father-in-law took back a btoken suitcase after 9 years and got his money back.

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    Magic, thanks
    (do folk generally think the store membership’s worth the extra then? What extra shit should I pick up on the way round? 🤣 )

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    Giant chocolate muffins

    Premier Icon wobbliscott
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    My brother got a TV from Costco.m Was an ex display model so got it even cheaper. But despite that it came with the full 5 year warranty which they honoured no questions asked a few years later when the TV developed a fault and replaced it with a brand new TV. So the are not b’stards.

    I’ve been a member of Costco for a while. Their butchers are great and they do a really good range of ready meals made fresh on their premises like pizza’s, Lasagna’s Cottage Pies, great Salads, etc. all really great and handy to have in the freezer for those days you can’t be bothered to make something from scratch…definitely not your usual highly processes supermarket ready meal tosh.

    Not sure if the membership is worth it. The problem is alot of stuff comes in bulk sizes so you need alot of storage or freezer space for everything. Its not necessarily cheap or cheaper than other outlets, but the quality is good and they offer the warranty which is good. For food their own branded stuff (Kirkland) is often better or at least as good as the normal brands.

    Premier Icon captmorgan
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    My understanding is you need to maintain membership for the 5 year period for the warranty to remain active.

    If you factor this into the price then richer sounds might be cheaper unless you’ll get other use from the membership

    Premier Icon towzer
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    FYI – richer sounds do 6 yr warranty, and when we claimed after 4.7 years – no proba at all, very well handled.

    We also like costco but never bought a tv. It’s good for food shopping ( and the ever changing aisles often pop up a gem) BUT bear in mind you’re generally buying in BULK size so need storage(or a big family) – after we go I move all the slabs of Tins to the garden shed as we only have 2 or 3 tins in kitchen storage and the mrs spends ages converting massive meat etc food packs into freezer bag portions sized for 2.

    It’s like all shopping, if you don’t know the going rate for stuff you won’t know how it compares.

    Premier Icon irc
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    I joined Costco when I was buying a pair of tyres for the car. The saving paid for the membership.
    Used it since mainly for buying a particular dog food they sold half the price anywhere else did and a few odds and ends of food.

    Premier Icon politecameraaction
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    I’ve bought a telly at costco but I also got another retailer to price match a telly at Costco.

    Premier Icon mahalo
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    Their opticians were always the reason we visited back in the day. i joined again a few years ago when i was working next door to one. cracking place for dinner. especially if your feeling delicate or indulgent – stodge city!

    They have many bargains no doubt but its definitely a false economy. you (we) genuinely always buy a trolley full of shite you didnt need or want! a bucket of shampoo, a giant vat of sweets, plus maybe a kayak or a garden shed – and a Tele. oh and cakes. Behemoth cakes!

    Premier Icon raincloud
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    Mate of mine “upgrades” his TV there most years by taking last years purchase back and saying remote control doesn’t work. Pretty sure he’s done this for nearly the last 10 yrs the dodgy barsteward….

    Premier Icon northshoreniall
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    Don’t forget you can’t just buy a couple of muffins, it has to be 2 slabs! Never got that logic, but I’m committed enough to work through it.

    Premier Icon Coyote
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    The hotdogs from the café are worth the cost of membership alone.

    Premier Icon zbonty
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    You’ll always see a fat kid with parents and a 2kg tub of fizzy cola bottles at the till. Just for the journey home…

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