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  • tjagain

    HMRC give 45p a mile for car use IIRC.  they don’t give money away.  around that is the true cost of motoring including all the stuff people forget when adding up the costs

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    Rail to clackmannon then cycle?  Is it Clackmannon the new bit of railway goes to?  Or alloa?

    Dunblane -> Alloa is 1hr10mins by train or bus, plus best part of an hour cycle to do 16 miles…. Or the car is 40mins.


    its less than that by the trains I looked at  7.44 am 35 mins- but the wait in Stirling is too much to make it a useful option as the actual train journeys are only a few mins ( 8 and 12) and most trains have a worse connection


    Recently moved from Liverpool to Bolton, commute has gone from walk & 20 mins train to 1 hour plus drive each way, cost is anout £3/4000 a year increase but the real cost is in my time! Be sure you want to sacrafice that time!!

    <p>under £4 on the train BOA to alloa</p>

    <p>WTAF? £4.10 single from Dunblane, Anytime Return £5.60.</p><p></p><p>Costs double that from Troon to Glasgow which is 10 minutes longer and £8.40 from Largs where the Anytime return is £14.80. On a train that is rammed.</p><p></p><p>Anyway, looking at that bike reservations may be necessary. If I had a journey that cheap I’d consider it. Still a bugger for weather either by cycle or car though.</p>

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    Matt oab

    Around 2005-7 I was doing that length of commute.

    Certainly in the South it was a royal pain in the arse and I had a company car so everything but washer fluid, oil and diesel was “free”.

    I used to do about 350 miles a week (16000 a year) in a 50mpg car. In current money that would have been about £200/month in fuel.£2400 per annum.

    If you use decent tyres you can add £350-400 a year for them plus another service say £300 plus any unscheduled wear and tear items.

    If you factor in everything I’d say it’s going to cost up around £3500k a year including wear and tear items. That’s after tax effectively.

    If it were my current car I’d easily add another £1000 to that (a little bit sub 50mpg and this one’s been a bit flaky mechanically). Thankfully I do 2/3 that distance now and only when the train won’t do the job.

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