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    I’ve had Corel’s Paintshop Pro X2 Ultimate software on my computer for a while now (hey, it was cheap…) and initially everything worked fine, the software is actually pretty decent. Came with Corel MediaOne photo viewing utility which has alays been a bit slow but recently just started seizing whenever I tried opening it. Now whenever I try to view any picture at all (opening pics sent by email or pics saved on my hard drive) the computer crashes and I can no longer use PSP either, the computer either seizes or crashes completely.

    A quick search suggests that Corel is well known for this but doesn’t offer much in the way of advice for sorting it. Tried downloading what seemed to be a vaguely related update from Corel’s website but that wouldn’t install.

    Do I just have to un-install the lot and start from scratch or is there a simpler fix for a computer luddite like me?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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