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  • DT78

    Any you would recommend? Wife has loads of aerobic style DVDs must be something similar that focus on core exercises for cyclists? Any recommendations?

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    Personal experience?

    Dunno how your hips / lats function but you can strengthen the core and still not do much good if your hips don’t move and your lats aren’t stabilising your shoulders

    Depending on your level of fitness you might want something decent but not the usual.

    YouTube Evan Osar for some core corrective exercise first and look to his principle of hip centration and isolation. Mostly based on breathing with the diaphragm and how that allows you to start firing different muscles. He’s also got some good stuff on core strength without sit ups once you get past the basics

    Dunno if it’ll work for you but certainly opened my eyes to the standard stuff you see

    Good luck

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    ryan leech did a yoga for mtb dvd sounds like what you are after

    ignoring all teh hippy shit yoga is all about core stuff


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    I looked at yoga but I’m still way off in terms of flexibility.

    Some good stuff tho – especially around hip stretches. Pigeon Pose, frog pose and lunges (especially one-legged stuff)

    Squats and kettlebell swings really help too


    Check out

    He has everything you need. Am personally a fan of TRX and kettlebells. Start light. Work on getting your body to do the correct movement before increasing the weight. It will take time to develop the stability and movement patterns..You can get TRX for cheap on ebay

    Have fun

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    There are a heap of these videos over on pink bike that may be worth a watch.


    Thanks for the suggestions I’ll take a browse tonight. I’m after a DVD or download to follow as I am useless at remembering exercises. I was hoping that a cycling core focused DVD would also cover things like hip flexors and glutes as I think those are the areas I need to work the most. I’ve started lunges and squats and the like but would prefer a proper exercise plan


    Get yourself a fitball. There are probably quite a few vids for core strength exercises using one.


    Have a look at this. Loads of core exercises.

    Glute bridges (1 leg & normal) are particularly good as are squats, planks etc

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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