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  • 2wheels1guy

    It’s ok to put copyrighted music on YouTube.
    The music companies & YouTube came to an agreement a while ago.
    The company (eg Sony) just put a link on to buy from iTunes.
    At most the vid will be silenced in Germany.


    I had read about that. It seemed all a bit… too good to be true I guess. I’ll do some digging. Thanks.


    I’ve had a bit of a dig around for background music for putting [mtb] videos on youtube. There’s certainly some around but it’s a bit of a task finding something appropriate:

    a) because there’s a lot
    b) because I wouldn’t know a good tune if it bit me in the arse

    Any suggestions?


    Of the vids I’ve made, some are straight lifts via youtube downloaders, some i’ve edited together, and some i’ve gone and asked the original source. So a bit of take your chance somtimes. Most of the time though, I’ll add a bit of text in the corner of the vid when the tune starts to let folk know what it is as a means of token credit.

    There is tons out there. I tend to look for remixes / mashups . i.e. you know the tune, but its been tweaked. is good for all sorts of remixes and you can get the mp3’s via


    I stuck up a video yesterday and although they didn’t wipe the soundtrack, they did identify it as owned by ‘Koch Entertainment’. Nice name 🙂 Apparently its OK for now but Koch could decide to remove the soundtrack in the future.

    But I’ve just found a free source of creative commons (i.e. you have permission to us it) music at , not looked through it that much yet but first impressions are good.

    P.S I know this thread is a week old but I was trying to find a thread from yesterday about suitable mtb music…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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