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  • Copter Tape – how does that work then?
  • Applying the bloody stuff properly that is!!!
    Have bought the supposed decent 3M stuff off ebay – degreased the frame with fairy liquid, rinsed thoroughly, dried and then used IPA to make sure everything was squeaky dry and grease free. Brought frame indoors to the heat, applied hairdryer to tape and frame and carefully applied – AND THE FECKER STILL BUBBLED and within a few weeks the edges started to unstick.
    Where am I going wrong??? Cheers

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    Bothering in the first place? It’s a bike. It gets scratched.


    Anodised frame?


    Using real ale to clean the frame?.


    IGMC 😕


    Yeah, anodising can stop it sticking – otherwise, forget all the hairdryer stuff – just get it clean before sticking on and then make sure you carefully remove the backing tape while sticking it down to prevent bubbles.

    copter tape came off my anodized frame. p1ssed me right off!


    Maybe your just really bad at it?

    To be honest if it started turning into a faff i wouldn’t bother. Got some on my Dialled Alpine, but only because it was quick and easy and once done has been fine for the last year.

    Standard painted finish – just want to keep it looking as fresh as possible and as I am a serial seller I like to get as much money back as possible


    buy the bike protection pack for about 20 quid from most shops enough to do 2 bikes and really thick and tough

    There’s a technique on the mtbr forums involving using water a a lubricant so the bubbles can just slide out. Can’t remember the details though, sorry. Worked pretty well on my brothers bike.

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