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    Thanks again. Hard day today. She has gone, and agreed to stay out of the house at night.

    I have agreed that she can visit the kids, and use the facilities to cook their tea etc – I still think it’s important that they see as much of their mum as possible.

    We have worked out a timetable, when she is there I will be in te gym (our garage) so I’ll look like arnie by the time I’m ready to look for a date!

    We also looked at finances, she contributes or oughly 2/5 of the spend towards bills, she will continue to send her share over to me (or should I say her share of the kids expenses, ie half the cost of the utilities)

    ^ I’m confusing myself

    She spoke about the new lad, it’s the real deal for her, no way I can compete with that. Everything is through that filter.

    Sorting bank tomorrow.

    Going for a coffee with the kids to out mates house later, but thanks again – the on and offline support I am getting has blown me away.

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    Nothing I can really add – certainly not experientially. However, it’s worth having a look at this. The classic change curve.

    Don’t assume, even when you’re ploughing on with banks and lawyers and setting up new routines, that you’ve piled through it. It’s likely you’re earlier on in it than you realise. Just be aware of that when the dust settles – it’s a process you’ll go through – that we all go through at times of change – and you will get to a good place again when you’ve been through it.

    BTW, you’re doing an amazing job. Your kids should be very proud of you. Chin up and good luck.


    I did the running off with someone else thing, just for some perspective from the other side. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do, like I had no alternative, but it didn’t work out.

    I suspect, one day, she will struggle with the guilt and the betrayal and all those other things, and will not really like the person she is at the moment, but, at the moment, she can’t really see it.
    (sorry for all those commas, it’s not easy to put into words)

    Things change.
    Life is about change, but most of the changes are gradual so we get a chance to adjust to them. These kind of changes are sudden, so adjusting is tough because you have to deal with stuff while you begin to come to terms with it.

    I’ve no advice, just a view from her point of view… trying to deal with the whole collapse of a relationship, plus children, plus the emotional high of a new relationship is tough, not as tough as your sense of betrayal and anger and almost desperation to just make things OK again.

    Time doesn’t heal things, but it does give a sense of perspective, and things work out the way they work out, for better or for worse, for you and for her.

    I went back, or rather was asked to come back and went, and it’s OK now, but I’d rather throw myself off something very high than live that period of my life again.


    What Crikey said, everything comes round to bite you one day.

    Although I do have a bit of a devil may care attitude these days to life in general.

    Premier Icon Drac

    You seem to be remaining sensible which can’t be easy and should be admired. Best of luck with your new life.


    Sounds to me like you are doing a great job and that you have shown your mettle at a very difficult time. It’s stuff like this that shows exactly what you are about. All the best wishes to you, and what a place this forum is eh?! 🙂

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    Premier Icon tenfoot

    All the best to you. Sounds crap, but you are concentrating on the kid’s happiness, which is THE right thing to do. Power to you, sir.

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Daughter sobbing in bed, son upset downstairs.

    I am trying to keep it together, but have swing between rage, anger, pleading, crying, swearing and shouting today…so not the zen like behaviour you are thinking. None of this in front of kids/anyone else.

    Using some work strategies to focus on future positive outcomes. Who knows, it might help.


    Life is hard.

    Stay clam for the children.


    When you are going through hell, just keep going.
    easier said than done but you are doing it now.
    Take care



    future positive outcomes

    Whatever else, keep this front & centre.

    I don’t know you from Adam, mate – beyond the fact that you’re a mountain biker & a STWer – and I can’t add anything to what’s already been said… except to say that a whole bunch of people on here are keeping you in their thoughts.

    Best of luck to you.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    The raging, the anger, the spontaneous sobbing – its all part of it I’m afraid & you have to work through each one as it comes. It won’t be comfortable but you WILL come through it, & come through it a more rounded person.
    I did. (no kids in my case so lots easier)

    I’m 64 months further down the line from where you are at the moment & i can promise you this.
    What is now a throbbing, visceral, horrible nightmare will become nothing more than a half remembered bad dream dissipating in the bright morning sun.

    It will be better, your life WILL be better.

    Good luck.


    My wife left me in 2006 for an older guy, to be honest we didn’t get on anymore but it was difficult splitting up with 2 kids aged 10 & 7.

    8years later and I have been re-married for 4yrs with 2 gorgeous baby daughters aged 2yrs and 7months, and a wife that is the best!!! (I’m 43)

    Do your best to keep calm, be there for your kids and stay proud and strong in front of your ex, long term you’ll respect yourself for how you coped in a shit situation.

    What Crikey & Muddydwarf said. I went through all this crap in 1992 when my missus bogged off with my good mate. Theyr’e well divorced & she’s in a crappy place, he’s married some Phillipino bird.
    ‘What goes around, comes around’. You’ll be ok before she is. Seen it loads of times.


    Glad things are going OK you seem to be dealing with everything in a very sensible manner, I’m sure you’ll be the one coming out the other side smelling of roses if you carry on the way you are 🙂

    A lot of people are a lot more forgiving than me… About not burning bridges etc, I would stay in touch for arranging time with the kids but that would be as far as any conversations would go.

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Plot twist. She has just phoned begging for foegiveness.

    It’s her first night away from the kids, she said she thought ‘what the **** am I doing?’

    Will she do it again is my 1st thoughts. Is she sorry for the kids only? She should be sorry for what she’s done but are you included in the ‘sorryness’?

    Unsurprisingly she sounds very confused. Stay cool, give her space, and in your own time, suggest counseling. Don’t make rash and rapid decisions, in whatever respect. IMHO

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Need to have a big think over next few days.


    Only you can answer that question, personally I am not sure I can forgive her, but you are not me. maybe you can use it as a lever to go to relate, etc but I personally wouldn’t let her back in just yet.

    Trust is some thing that is earn’t not just handed out,

    Bloody tough decision, good luck

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Don’t rush back into anything mate.
    Take your time and try and stay rational.
    Make the descision yours not hers.


    Like I said, been there, got that t shirt, would not ever like to go there again.

    If you really love her, you might be able to live with her again, but not yet..

    What SSS said. Everything’s now on your terms. Do not go thinking stuff like, ‘thank god, she’s sorry & want’s me back’
    **Only speaking from experience mind & may not be applicable in every case**

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    ernie speaks sense.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    As others have said – don’t entertain taking her back……..for a good while. Make it easy for her to see the kids, without him. It may well be that she’s messed up big time and is regretting it, but distance that idea for now – that’s her problem.
    Sounds like you’re doing well, so stick in.


    Need to have a big think over next few days.

    You spelt drink wrong.


    I certainly won’t be telling you what to do but having driven round thatparticular block once I realised that actually the damage was done and there was no way back. In my case her feeling sorry was actually for herself.


    Similar thing happened to me last year. In fact, we were having work done on the house at the time also. I was with her for over 7 years and whilst we didn’t have kids, I can relate.

    Focusing on the kids will help and it sounds like you are already handling this better than I did.

    I would imagine that you will be all over the place for a while yet but just ride the storm and it will calm eventually.

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    We have been speaking since my last post. She’s at her mums, so has probably had a good chat with her as well.

    I believe that it was a genuine real feeling, an infatuation…and the reality of what life would be like on our own frightened her. She allowed herself to get carried along on this wave of emotion (don’t forget, it’s been a month only)

    She has given me some details which suggest she is being upfront about what happened, what she’s feeling etc. obviously, I have to acknowledge that her mind is bit confused with all this…and my concern is that it could be a different story days/weeks down the line.

    Throughout this I have maintained that I love her. That hasn’t changed. My first reaction tonight was one if joy, not suspicion or ‘I told you so’. I know I need to protect me, and the kids…but I would be lying if I said I couldn’t work through it. Those that know us will hopefully agree that we weren’t an unhappy couple.

    We are going to keep talking tomorrow. I know many of you reading this will be screaming at the screen…but in 20 years time I need to look back and say I did what I could for my family, and for my happiness. My wife features in this.

    Again, it’s threads like this (and all the ‘serious’ ones) where we put aside our online spats and are there for one another. You all rallied round when she had the stroke, and this thread has been my 24/7 helpline. Thank you all. And stu…is the offer of that fat bike ride still on?


    sc-xc – Member

    I know many of you reading this will be screaming at the screen…but in 20 years time I need to look back and say I did what I could for my family, and for my happiness. My wife features in this.

    I am not screaming but rather wish you work it out so that the family can be whole again.

    Living is hard.

    This ^^^. No screaming here either. There have been plenty of similar threads here which are far more straightforward but your wife’s illness puts a very different spin on things.

    Wishing you a happy result.

    i have absolutely nothing constructive to add i’m afraid.i just wanted to wish you well sc-xc.

    you are a greater father than mine ever was (whoever he is?)

    good luck mate.

    Premier Icon 33tango

    Keep the faith, Brother.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    Those that know us will hopefully agree that we weren’t an unhappy couple.

    Have to agree with that.
    You seemed pretty solid to me.
    It’d be great to see both of you happy again but please don’t rush back into anything.

    And stu…is the offer of that fat bike ride still on?

    You know you’re more than welcome to try any of my bikes any time you want. 🙂

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    OP glad to hear that things are looking better but as I and others have said, would suggest that you go to relate and also to the GP etc to get some more advice on her recovery before you get back together proper.

    Hopefully this was the only time it will happen but it’s got to be worth seeing a professional to talk/work through a few things to see if you both feel the same and the trust can be rebuilt?

    Good luck mate.

    Premier Icon wingnuts

    There is always a violent OMG moment with these things.
    It will never be the same whichever way this goes.
    Three weeks is the minimum time before she comes back. It must be long enough to create a routine for both of you and not a come back in because I can’t cope with staying somewhere else scenario.
    Do the talking face to face somewhere neutral and not via text etc.
    Why didn’t she go to his or have I missed something?

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    She says he was the catalyst, but she told him nothing could happen while she was married.

    Her logic was, split up with me – then get a place, then start a thing with him.

    I have been reading today about how strokes affect decision making, and it seems this is a classic thing (that I read diminishes the further from the stroke event you get)

    It’s like a switch has flicked back in her head, a realisation that the whole thing was daft.

    We have both booked the day off work tomorrow to talk.

    Premier Icon Houns

    Good luck T. Glad you’ve done some research. Hope this is just a blip due to her brain which is beyond her control

    Anyway, cracking day, ride!

    Premier Icon kcal

    thoughts and best wishes to you, fellow forum member..

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