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  • Premier Icon nuke

    What about Cotic, Singular and Dialled bikes? I'd say all cool. On-One not cool. Curtis sub-zero.

    Premier Icon nickc

    That orange Brooklyn is about as far from cool as you could feasible get.


    Surely anything cool is cool by being effortlessly cool – anyone/thing trying to be cool is inherently uncool.

    Hence why I reckon so much niche stuff may inherently be cool but unfortunately the actual specific bikes are majorly uncool becaue of the tryhard nature of their owners. Just go to SSUK to see the truth of this.


    The Monks of Cool, whose tiny and exclusive monastery
    is hidden in a really cool and laid-back valley in the lower
    Ramtops, have a passing-out test for a novice. He is taken
    into a room full of all types of clothing and asked: Yo¹, my
    son, which of these is the most stylish thing to wear? And
    the correct answer is: Hey, whatever I select.

    ¹ Cool, but not necessarily up to date.

    Terry Pratchett, "Lords and Ladies", 1992


    How anyone can think any bike is 'cool' or even worse 'sub zero' is beyond me. Its a bunch of tubes stuck together with wheels to have a larf on.


    How some people can be such grumpy killjoys is beyond me but there you go… 😉


    How some people can be such grumpy killjoys is beyond me but there you go…



    Nicolai – Subzero, just because they're rare, very well made and a bit quirky like a Morgan

    Spec' Pitch – Cool the Mondeo analogy is bang on, almost too good for the price and very good at making the big boys look twice.

    Cannondales – uncool, they're gopping and since when has anything (bar the Pitch) American been cool?

    Commencals – not cool, like to think they are but deep down they're not – just like Rangerover Sports (IMHO)

    Orange 5 – see Mondeo analogy

    Coves – very cool – stoopid names, have the balls to continue using them.

    Made in shed steel bikes – IMHO uncool as just trying too hard to be cool, kinda like a Mitsi Evo X


    Hmmmm difficult.
    I don't think Miss Jenkins would be particularly impressed with a pushbike named "handjob".
    Full sussers, fixies, singlespeeds and road bikes not cool.
    Long forked steel hardtails and retro rigids; cool
    Long forked Ti hardtails; sub zero. You can just tell when something is that expensive. Like a Maserati.


    San Andreas = -273 kelvin.!

    Premier Icon Nobby

    All Fat Chance bikes – the coolest of which would be the Yo Eddy in it's original aqua fade glory.

    And the Yeti Ultimate.


    The Spooky Horror Taxi. Just because of the name.

    Trek 69er singlespeed with Maverick forks just looks cool to me.


    DB Alpine – Cool
    Intense 951 – Not sure I want it to be cool, but probably uncool as its very obvious ostentatious


    Nicolai can't really be 'cool' as they are German, so just can not be cool. They love the Hoff over there for gods sake. And starting all those wars – not cool.


    What about Cotic, Singular and Dialled bikes? I'd say all cool.

    Exactly,my Dialled Bikes PA is so cool that it's frozen the ground that its stood on:

    Predictable but…..

    mountain tandems – cool.

    How else can 2 very average riders bring the Glentress freeride park to a jawdropping standstill? Must be cool. Or just comical prehaps?


    Brown bikes are cool.

Viewing 17 posts - 81 through 97 (of 97 total)

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