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  • Conwy Area Parking for a Week
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    I’m doing the Welsh coast to coast later on this week, so will need a good location near Llandudno/ Conwy to dump my car for a week.

    Any suggestions, I was thinking one of the parking areas up near Sychnant pass?

    One final thing, do I leave a note in the window saying when I will be back or will this just invite theft?

    Last time I didn’t leave a note I had the police call about an abandoned car 😂

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    I’d personally not just leave the car somewhere remote, could cause all sort of issues like vandalism, theft or even someone reporting it and a search party being sent out for a missing walker (has happened!). Have a look on the websites that ;et you rent out someone’s drive for a few days in the area, it’s what I did for my SDW ride and it was great knowing the car would be exactly where I left it and secure meaning I could leave stuff in the boot without worrying. Another option is to find a friendly pub or hotel that would let you park there for your trip for a small fee.

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    Will check with my folks this evening and see if they have space on the drive

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    I’d park in Llandudno on the street, given its a tourist town with lots of folk staying in BBs for a week at a time a car parked up wouldn’t look out of place. Try church walks. my mate has a house near there and we park there with no problems,-3.8376593,18.17z

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    I only know Llandudno from holidays there, but I can think of a couple of suitable spots.

    There’s unrestricted parking which wouldn’t bother residents at the West Shore, and I think also at Penrhyn Bay.

    Locals can advise better though.

    Premier Icon ricko1984
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    Cheers for the tips guys, will have a look around in Llandudno I think.

    Quicker to get to the start!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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