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  • Converting Van from Diesel to Electric
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    Boss has decided he would quite like (at least) one of our delivery fleet to be converted to electric, Van in question is a small transit – the one that is the same size as a Galaxy MPVand operates in Central London – EC/WC post codes only.

    Anyone know anything about this? Recommended suppliers, waste of time just trade in and buy a hybrid / electric from new? Any grants or savings to be made beyond obvious Congestion Charge and Fuel.

    Premier Icon richmars
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    Trade it in and buy what you want.
    Not worth trying to do it yourself.

    Premier Icon squirrelking
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    Buy new.

    Premier Icon matt303uk
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    As others have said, just look at buying/leasing something new like a Nissan eNV200 or something from Renault, a conversion would be either expensive or rubbish, most likely both.

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    Can’t help much. There was a episode of ‘Wheeler Dealers’ when they converted a car to EV, but it was a pretty expensive and complex process – also US based I think.

    I can’t help but think sell and buy new would be the better option – I mean it’s terrible for the environment, building a new vehicle whatever the power train uses HUGE amounts of energy and resources so you’d be doing the planet more of a favour by keeping the existing one and maintaining to last an extra few years before it has to be scraped – but that doth butter no parsnips I suppose.

    Premier Icon ElVino
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    Thanks guys _ will speak to local Nissan dealer

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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