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  • The cassette will most likely have a 12t or maybe 11t anyway, the difference on MTB v Road cassettes is the range at the bottom. As for changng chain rings this will depend on the type of front mech and whether it will accept anything bigger than a 44t. Just get rid of the triple at the front and go with a single 48t or something but the real issue is still the size of your wheels, too small.


    Just pedal faster, dummy.

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    yup just go 1×9 get a big ring, 44t is usually the max or a seat tube mounted guide from superstar (but loctite the bolts when its set up right!)
    youll be wanting a long cage rear mech

    schwable marathon plus are the tyres you want too

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    You could get xt with either a 46 or 48 big ring so suspect the mech can handle that.


    Deore can be had with 48 t top ring.

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    I’ve never run out of gears on the road with normal mtb gears.
    Spinning out down a hill equals 42 mph on the whole you should be ok.


    hello all,

    I’ve got an old hardtail frame which i want to convert over for commuting to work.

    so far, I’ve put on slicks and got a cheap rigid fork. I’d like to convert it to road gearing also, but unsure of where to start.

    Do I just need a new rear mech and cassette? Or do I need new shifters and chainrings also?

    Also any recommendations of what to go for would be appreciated.



    Ran my MTB commuter with 48/34 front and a 11-26 cassette. Perfect.
    Also had a slightly longer stem (105mm from 90), flat bar and bar ends, Exotic carbon fork, 2″ Big Apple tyre on the front and a 1.5″ Marathon on the rear.


    On my old commuting MTB it was rigid forks, slick tyres and mudguards. Didn’t change the gearing and it was fine. Most of the ride was flat and rarely felt the need for bigger gears.

    Quite happy commuting on a 32t front ring (albeit 29er wheels so gearing slightly different), the odd downhill downwind section I can spin out but I’m commuting/zone 1 so doesn’t bother me.

    You’ve got the more important slicks. Wouldn’t worry about gearing just yet.

    Any room for mudguaurds/rack on the frame/forks?

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    As for the “too small diameter” thing….. my 2.35 schwalbe supermotos come up about 1.5″ bigger in dia than the 700x25c tyres on the langster 😀

    But I agree, 32T and Alfine 8 is not ideal on the road, and if I could fit a larger front ring and still get a sensible chainline I would.

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