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  • Convert 20 inch bike to OneBy?
  • Hi all.

    Have picked up a BMC Blast 20 for my 4 year old son. It has a twin chainring at the front end
    Shimano Acera.

    It’s in as new condition, must’ve been ridden once or twice! What do I need to do to convert it to single chain ring at the front? New chain ring, new cassette with wider range? New chain? Any suggestion or help welcome.


    Premier Icon martinhutch

    What chainring size has it got at the moment? What range cassette? You could just run it on the granny ring with a bash instead of the big ring and take off the mech/shifter.

    You could get down to 22t at the front – try SJS cycles.

    The chain will play nicely if it’s only been ridden a few times.

    Premier Icon joemmo

    Looking at a pic of it, chances are that the crank has fixed chainrings and it uses a freewheel rather than a cassette so you’re looking at a bit of a spend to get a marginal gain.
    Evans sell kid sized single chainsets though that might do what you want but unless you’re desperate to save weight i would personally just leave it as it is or disable the front mech so it just runs on the small ring.

    Your son is four, he’s probably not too concerned about drivetrain trends as long as it is a cool colour and it has a gear he can pedal in 🙂

    Edit : this might do the job

    Thanks Joemmo. Main reason was for simplicity plus a wee weight saving. It has a shimano double chain ring with Acera gears.

    Was thinking that he will get on better if he only has one hand changing gear. It’s a cracking bike, a bit heavier than Islabikes, Frog, Hoy but set up for proper mini trail mountain biking.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    If you remove the shifter and mech the chain will just sit on the inner ring.

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