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  • Dino

    which one should i buy?
    Is the g.p.s. one just a bit of a fad and waste of cash?
    Any thoughts on anyone who has one would be helpful
    thanks 😛


    Only have the HD version and very pleased with the quality of the video…and of the build.

    To be honest I can’t see the point of the GPS but i am sure there must be a point somewhere

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    i second that, not sure why you would want GPS Video, but i suppose it’s a case of until you’ve used it you wont know that you needed it.

    I would defo go for te contour, easy to mount, great vid quality only down side is it’s a pain to set up with the laser’s, cant see them in the day.


    Cheers guys


    To be honest most like above i wouldnt bother
    But you can check out Contours web site to see
    the GPS in action (seams pointless to me)

    I just bought the Contour HD 1080 off of tredz for £ 219.99p
    Waterproof housing £ 26.99p off of Amazon Bargain 😆

    The video quality is amazing and its really well thought out.

    Only problem is the lack of a screen so footage is as good/bad as any other badly positioned helmet cam, and unless your doing an uplift and can repeat the same trail you tend to find the best bits of the day are just a blur of sky or ground.

    I still think the best angle is to attach it to the seatpost looking back, OK it doesnt show off your radness, but it is the best way of videoing someone else (as long as you’r infront).


    Just do some dummie runs in your local park to set it up
    very easy and not far to get back and get the correct set up
    for the weekend.


    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I was tempted to get one of the contour 1080HD cameras. They seem to be on sale for buttons at the moment on Amazon (£147). From what I’ve seen they seem to be pretty good – a couple of negative reviews on Amazon with respect to build quality.

    Is there anything else out there I should be looking at for the money? Any more experiences of the 1080HD model? The GPS one, seems to have a few features over and about GPS itself, like android/iPhone support – worth the extra?

    Also, does it come with all the helmet/bike mounts or are they extras?



    The mounts are extra, you normally get 1 with it but that depends on the package you buy. I only have the basic ne, but this does do 1080 hd video but the best setting for bike vids is the 720 with 60 frames per second. Great little camera which shoots great quality vids.
    The GPS version would be good to have so to check the video settings and change them out on the trail as you can’t change the brightness etc with the 2 different settings switch, just the video hd quality. With the GPS model you can do all this via your phone, would be handy as I have got home a few times and where riding through trees the video has been to dark so get no footage but if I set it at home so to get footage in darker areas the contrast is then to bright for shots when out in the open. Hope this helps.


    I’ve been using my Contour GPS for a fair few months along with my iPhone. The app gives you the ability to line up your shots and change settings such as exposure, contrast while out mid ride which can be very handy when you crash or it gets bumped.

    With the GPS data you can create a GPS data overlay. Just got to grips with video editting, and will post my first attempt when its complete. In the mean time here’s my test footage:
    Link to my video as it doesn’t seem to be embedding..


    I had the HD, which I then swapped for the GPS. Big mistake. The video quality was far worse with the GPS than the HD, and the thread on the Contour forum related to this problem was massive.

    I think they’ve fixed it with a software update now, but I got rid and replaced it with a GoPro, which I find much better (if only for the mounting options)

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