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  • Have out a conti trail king on my sram rail 50 UST wheels, the front one has stayed up rock solid for two weeks

    Yet the rear one after every ride the next day it goes down, luckily only goes soft and doesn’t come off the bead, so a simple case of just pumping back up

    But I have sealant in it, it’s a ust rim, and it lasted 3 nights rock solid then rode Sunday and tonight it’s back to squishy!

    Will it settle or is something not right?

    Also I cannot for the life of me get either front or rear to seat with a pump, even after having the back one on for 3 weeks when I took it off I had to get a compressor to get it to seat again, so now I’m scared to even take the thing off

    Are all conti protection tyres this much faff? My old rubber queen 2.2 usts were fit and forget and went up away with a track pump 🙁

    Something’s faulty – I have UST and Protection Continental tyres and they all behave fine – I like the UST Rubber Queens so much that I was sceptical about the Protection Trail Kings but they go up pretty much as easily and ride well. The Baron I took off last week was neither and it’s tended to slowly deflate if it isn’t ridden (or spun round I guess?) but we’re talking 10-20% a week, no more.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    My back one (MK2 PT 2.2″) was like this; second dose of sealant seems to have fixed it though.


    Go find some water and dunk the wheel in to see where it’s leaking from. I had exact same problem but it was actually a slightly loose valve rather than tyre. I’m running protections and they go up with a track pump on stans rims

    Tis weird they’ve not missed a beat whilst on the bike riding

    They will not go up with my high volume track pump something I’ve never failed with! I know some tyres are a bitch to get seated but after 3 weeks of riding taking one off and putting it back on it should be easy with the track pump then, always been the case before

    And don’t really understand why it keeps deflating randomly on the back either, there’s no dings or dents on the rims which are new and you can’t hear any air hissing out anywhere and plenty of sealant in too, it stayed brick hard for 3 full days, rode on it and it was still brick hard then next day deflated but still luckily on the bead……


    Valve is nice and tight was my first thought too, if it’ had a slow air leak how on earth did it stay brick hard for 3 full days? And stayed brick hard whilst riding

    Always seems to deflate the next day after riding, maybe needs a bit more sealant, although they are ust rims so should be air tight with no sealant?

    Premier Icon neil853

    I had the same issues with my rq protections. Just put up with it till i knackered them in the alps. Wish I’d just got the proper ust ones to be honest, had a nightmare in the alps with pinch flats with them

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    I had a few pinpoints of sealant showing through the sidewalls, which I think accounted for the slow leak.

    I had a good look and couldn’t see any obvious signs of leakage, pinpoint or big blobs anywhere, I pumped it rock hard and listened for any noise and not a sound at all

    Very strange!

    I only opted for protection to save a bit of weight over UST 🙁

    Having said that I guess it’s a tubeless ready tyre, only UST tyres can run with no sealant even on ust rims?

    Therefore I guess it could need another scoop of sealant too


    Yep, I imagine a lot of the original sealant has been used up in the sealing process.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Contis have always been harder to seal ime, mine have all been standard rather than tubeless ready but they take a few rides to seal up, and even then sometimes some wee patches. TLR ones should be better but not too surprised to hear they’re leaky.

    lesson learnt i guess, hopefully its just that, i could hear sealant inside still but wouldnt have been a great deal, can only assume it hadnt sealed fully given the nature of it going down after 3 days of rock solidness

    will have an extra load of sealant in and try again

    Premier Icon MSP

    I have had problems sealing protections and racespeed conti’s. There are basically 2 problems, pin prick holes in the sidewalls and the lubricant they use to release the tyres from the mold during manufacturing.

    You are best giving the inside a wipe down with meths before fitting to remove the lubricant. For the pinholes it is just a matter of spending a bit of time sloshing the sealant around and leaving the wheels on their sides. Even then I have had a couple of tyres that haven’t sealed properly until after a couple of weeks.

    cheers MSP – sounds like mine then, funny that the front one is fine though with the same amount of sealant

    i just assumed as they are UST rims i wouldnt even need sealant, but of course that on works on UST tyres not TLR tyres, so my bad, it’l probably take a few more attempts to get it to seat then, its good its not at least coming off the bead which is something

    i did take a bit of a hit on it on its first ride (although no dings/dents in rim and no noticeable sealant etc after), maybe that just burped it abit and used a touch more sealant

    will see how it goes anyways, if not ill be selling them and going to maxxis ardent race’s EXO or similar, just wish spesh would hurry up and get the 27.5 versions out 🙁


    Gt85 on the beads to seat them.

    Premier Icon timmys

    I’ve only ever used Cont UST and Protection tyres tubeless. The protection can take a lot more work (though it varies tyre to tyre even for the same model). Even so I’ve never had to use more than a track pump to get them up. Soap up the bead well and if that doesn’t work I’ve had 100% success with seating them them with a tube, leaving them overnight at ~40psi, unseating one bead, whipping tube out, add sealant, pump up with track pump. This is with Conti Revo sealant which I’m sure most people will say is inferior to Stans.

    If you search You Tube there is an official Conti guide to setting up Protection tyres with their sealant tublessly.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    i got mine up really quickly with a track pump. However i did find that it took ages for one to seal the rim completely. The tires themselves were sealed quickly. However i did seat them dry (no fairy liquid) one i did the rear it sealed the rim than day. The front i just left (fitted dry) and it took a few rides before it would stop dropping pressure.

    i must admit its really really bizarre i cant get them up with the track pump, especially after they have been on for 3 weeks already!

    maybe the sram wheels just dont like conti tyres!

    my ust rubber queens used to go up on my crossmax st easily with a track pump and im pretty sure id seated them even with a crappy handpump before too

    Premier Icon bails

    My back one (MK2 PT 2.2″) was like this;

    Same here. The 2.4 on the front was fine.

    I ended up buying modeling latex from hobbycraft and painting it onto the inner sidewalls, which fixed them.


    I had a 2.4 RQ UST that lost air even with plenty of sealant. I discovered a tiny tear near the bead so every time you rode it would open up every now and then. I had to patch from the inside. I think some of Continental QC isn’t that great. I’ve had to send some back before as they delaminated causing huge blisters on the sidewalls – without even being used.

    I still love the 2.4 RQ BC UST though, awesome tyre.

    soooooo turns out my UST wheelset (rail 50) actually run tape on them, i had no idea they used tape, just thought they were proper UST rims like the mavics….

    so after putting in alot more sealant and using a compressor could see bubbles coming out of one of the nipples, which obviously meant they werent airtight! we couldnt figure it out as we thought there was no tape in the rims, turns out theres and further around the rim tape, opposite end, there was a little nick of a cut in the tape, so just put some more tape over the top of it and reinflated, and no more bubbling out of the nipple, hopefully thats cured the very slow release of air

    bummer about tape, i had no idea the srams used tape being used to proper mavic UST rims 🙁

    mechanic couldnt get them up with track pump either so not just me at least!

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