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  • Continental Kryptotal Front on the rear?
  • leonthepro
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    I have a spare Continental Kryptotal Front knocking about, as I swapped it for Argotal.

    I need a new rear tyre for the ebike as wondering about using it.

    Anyone done it or any reasons why not?

    Ebike has an Assegai on the front.

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    Plenty of WCDH and other racers running them yes. No issues at all

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    That’ll be fine – it’s a bit draggy but on an ebike it’ll be ok. Plenty of grip.

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    If you already have it try it out and see? It’s not like you’re buying it.

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    if its good enough for Gee im sure it will be fine, Gee used krpototal F on front and rear in the making of the dolimtes video aparently. i belive a lot of DH riders are also running the same combination.

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    Yeah, I’ve been using  2x fronts on my enduro bike (after ripping the sidewalls on 2 rears) and it works well. Saying that, it could be worth hanging onto for when things dry out as I found the Argotals only work in slop/really soft conditions.

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    Is the Kryptotal an upgrade up front over an Assegai??

    I ride steep muddy,rooty rocky trails most weeks and wanted to give it a bash

    or is the Argotal better?

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    Won’t be so draggy when it’s part worn.  My KF-KR combo is still pretty new, but inevitably will be running ‘old’ front tyres on the rear over time.

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