Conti Tyres -Race Kings, 1.5" XC and New Twisters, Also Hope Light.

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  • Conti Tyres -Race Kings, 1.5" XC and New Twisters, Also Hope Light.
  • andrewh

    Pair Continental Twister Supersonic tyres in 26×1.9″ flavour.
    The team I was racing for in 2011 was sponsored by Continental and I was given these tyres that summer. They are brand new in the sense that they have never been used. They have however been fitted to my bike (with tubes, so no sealent in them) and used for taking photographs (and showing off on the scales, the Twiter Supersonic is the lightet mountain bike tyre Conti make, in fact at 370g it is probably the lightest mountain bike tyre full stop)
    The year and a half they have spent lurking my garage seems to have caused some marks to appear on the sidewalls, see photos, although they haven’t come out well. If you are in any doubt about them come and have a look, just send me a message.
    The RRP is £49.99 each so there is a chance here to grab a bargain.
    Looking for £40 posted for the pair.
    Very, very rare 1.5″ Continental XC tyre. Took me ages to get hold of it, even Conti couldn’t get any for me when I was racing for them. They stopped making them years ago, I don’t know why, there is a huge demand for them, they have a mighty and fully deserved reputation as the best mud tyre ever made.
    Anyway, as I said it took me ages to find one, eventually came across this in a classified ad somewhere. However, I wanted two so kept searching and eventually found another, only available as pair though, so I bought those. This means I now have three so I need to sell this one.
    The previous owner had used it tubeless so it has some sealent residue in it, and it is a little grubby (it is a mud tyre after all) Otherwise very good condition.The tread is very good, even still has the bobbly bits at the side remaining.
    £25 posted.
    Pair of Continental Race King Supersonic tyres, 26″ x 2.0″. I have used them twice, they did the opening two laps of the European 24hr Championship in 2011, they are an excellent dry weather tyre, but then the heavens opened, and remained open for the next 23 hours, and I swapped to more suitable rubber. I used them again at the Whinlatter race in 2012, so a total of about 3 1/2 hrs use.They are therefore in very good condition, they even still have the bobbly bits from the mould that you get on brand new tyres left on them. The 18 months they have spent lurking in my garage has caused some discolouration of the sidewalls, it doesn’t appear to be much but best to mention it. If you are in a ny doubt come and have a look at them, just send me a message.
    The RRP is about £48 each, see here for a random google hit for them×220-5633.html they are seling them for about £70 for a pair, a chance to grab a bargain here.
    £40 posted
    Finally I have two Hope Vision 1 lights, long story which I won’t go into here. However, I only need one and will sell the other, it’s your choice which.
    The blue one. This is the newer of the lights, around 2 years old, and is in better condition cosmetically.
    The black one. This is the older of the lights, around 4 years old. However, this went back to Hope last month when it had an issue with the switch. True to their reputation for excellent customer service it arrived back less than a week later with a brand new switch and a whole new circuit board. It has not been used since. I have the paperwork to prove this and will include it if you choose the black one.
    Whichever light you choose it will have the quick-release handlebar mount.
    The lights are surprisingly bright for something so…, um, light, (rubbish pun) they really don’t weigh very much at all. They have five settings. Setting number one is fine for road riding, number two I use for fire-road and Landrover tracks and three and four for when it gets technical. There is also a flashing mode just for being seen.
    They run on 4AA batteries. In a 24hr race I will use the posh Energiser Lithium batteries, really, really light and last forever, but quite expensive so I use normal rechargables in day to day use. The fact that it takes normal batteries is a huge advantage, if they do run out just stick another set in, you can’t do that with those rechargable lights like the rival Exposure Joystick, when that’s dead it takes an 8hr charge to bring it back to life, these merely take a 30 second battery swap.
    £45 posted.
    Pictures of everything here:
    andy_howett at yahoodotcodotuk

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