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  • dibboid

    I’m running the 2.4 tubeless. 26″ and they come up huge had both wire bread and protection folding. Running them ghetto tubeless but they go up on the track pump with the core out every time.

    They do need a bit of time to seal as they are quite porous and you see tiny bubbles coming through the wall. But they seal eventually. Been running them tl for about 8 mths now.

    edit: When I say huge I mean they are a high volume tyre.


    MK2 were my first tubeless tyres. Get the Protection version in Black Chilli – they are tubeless ready. I also ran them on 819’s and they went up very easily – quite tight to get on though.

    Is anybody running these tubeless? If so what version – I am looking at th 2.2 and have Mavic 819 rims. I want a light version if possible.


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    Chucking in some glitter helps, sounds silly but it blocks up sidewall holes very well. (and non-ust Contis are basically made of holes stitched together)

    Old Mountain King is not much cop though. Haven’t tried a mk2, I can only assume it’s better!

    Thank you so much. That’s just the info I needed


    Got the cheapo wire ones and the non protection folding ones. Both fine, have been for 12 months. As above, bit porous so put in a bit more fluid the first time but then they are good. 719 rims and stans strips.


    (and non-ust Contis are basically made of holes stitched together)

    ^^This definitely. Lol 😀


    I have the Mk2 standard folding Mountain king on the back. Went up tubless a treat 1st time and no sidewall seepage.

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    I’ve got a pair of MK2 2.4 Protections. As above, avoid the RaceSport unless it’s purely for racing, as they are made of paper.

    They’ll be pourous if you don’t scrub the inside with IPA or fairy, as there will be the mould release agent still present, which stops the sealant sticking to the rubber.

    So pop some cleaner in the tyre, scrub it a little with a stiff brush, and then wash clean and dry.

    After that, its the same tubeless routine. I have them seal at under 20psi on my Crest and Arch EX rims. They’re easy peasy to get to seal, as are all Contis if you follow the above.

    2.2s come up as 2.0 in my book (with my digital calipers), and 2.4s come up at 2.3. This is on Crests and Arch Ex, which have quite a wide profile.


    running some 2.2 Protection (the £49.99 ones!) on Crests and Arch EXs. went up easily and stay up. Great tyres IMO.


    29 inch mountain kings mark 2 on stans rims, stans fluid. Cheapo version went up dead easy with cheapo track pump
    Also used race kings even easier not had any issues with holey sidewalls.

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