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  • Conti 2.3 Speed Kings – your opinions please????
  • Premier Icon Silverfoxjules
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    Does anyone have experience of using conti speed kings…..I'm thinking moving to them from Hutchinson Pythons….



    Premier Icon TandemJeremy
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    I have a 2.1 set. fast rolling. Ok in the dry. Rubbish in the wet.

    Premier Icon parkesie
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    Same as TJ. Also stay off roads or youl be wondering where your new tyres went.

    Premier Icon nickc
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    Used them briefly in the summer once, without about a million* psi in them they were a puncture fest. My missus uses them now, and seems to get on fine with them 2.1 mind

    * this may be an exaggeration

    Premier Icon epicsteve
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    I've only used the 2.1 Supersonics so far and they're good in all conditions including the wet (better than FireXC Pro's, Racing Ralphs and Conti Verts – which are the other tyres I have to compare them against). Just stuck a set of the basic folders on my Soul so will be interested to see how they compare to the Supersonics. If they go ok then I'll probably get a set of the 2.3's for my Enduro.

    I run 50psi in the Supersonics and have only had one puncture in several months of use.

    Premier Icon thomthumb
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    i liked the 2.1s good at what there supposed to be good at – mixed condition enduro type stuff.

    i have heard that the 2.3s have the same tread(width) on a bigger carcass and so corner a bit strangely. as you come over the corner knobs if that makes sense?

    Premier Icon Mister-P
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    Better than Pythons in the wet. Not had any dry weather to compare that performance yet.

    Premier Icon sv
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    Used one as a front tyre since last September part of my weekly group ride is on road and they have been fine. Work well in the mushy leaves and wet grass on the trail I use. I have them ghetto'd as they are puncturetastic otherwise.

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Nothing could be as bad as Pythons on anything that wasn't a canal towpath!

    I looked at them, but decided against as I wanted a little more gnar in my riding.

    Premier Icon ononeorange
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    Used them on and off, could not get on with the insane puncture rate (record: 3 in one short ride, different thorns). They're "OK" in the wet in my opinion, but thick mud becomes a nightmare (I know, not what they're designed for, but hey you can't avoid it). Did a wet/muddy race and found I was losing the back wheel under me a lot on corners if that makes sense.

    Might try them with Stan's in the summer again.

    Premier Icon glenp
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    I'm waiting til mine wear out (2.1s) and will go back to something a bit more chunky – prob my fave Specialzeds. They aren't unrideable or owt, but they are a bit dainty.

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