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    I'm just in the process of insuring my new flat (rented) and have come up against a bit of a wall when it comes to insuring the bikes. The bikes themselves are kept in a garage seperated from the flat and are int he process of acquiring chains and ground anchors.

    Endsleigh are offering me what I consider to be a pretty good deal on contents insurance but it baulks at including the bikes (combined cost about £4-5K – 2 road bikes, CX bikes, mtb, 2 hacks). Without naming the bikes as specific items its only covering them up to £150, clearly useless.

    Endsleigh's system for individual bike insurance is incredibly fiddly and involves insuring each bike individually!

    M&S won't cover me at all as apparently the flats are in a flood risk area.

    So can anyone recommend me either (a) a good contents insurer who covers bikes within contents or (b) a specialist bike insurer?

    I'm as yet not a member of BC or CTC but will be getting BC membership next year if that opens up any other doors. I noticed cyclecover from the CTC but you have to be a CTC member.



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