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  • Contents insurance HOW MUCH!!!!
  • justme

    Its that time of year again not xmas but contents insurance
    Alarmed Garage full of bikes and can’t get a sensible quote – went with M and S after advice from here but they have gone to dear who’s got a good deal and who with please


    Swapped from m and s to coop a year ago, with 2 bikes as specified items as they’re worth over a grand, other 2 bikes covered in policy anyway. Cost dropped from 1200+ to 600ish quid. Got renewal notice today for 675. Same level of cover as with marks and sparks, not had to claim, touch wood, so can’t comment on that.


    Barclays were good for me but just switched to quotemehappy. Both bike friendly – claimed against Barclays recently which went well.

    Premier Icon njee20

    More Than gave me a decent quote, although M&S were still cheaper personally.


    Got my included with our contents via Endsleigh.

    I’ve heard good things about Sainsburys (for cost not claiming mind you). I tried them for a contents quote and seemed pretty competitive and limit on individual items was quite high – way more than my bike anyway.


    Got mine through Jukes insurance, have a search, cracking price and service

    Green Insurance

    £10k of bike cover, some fairly expensive-to-replace jewelry items, plus all the usual gubbins for £29.something/month.

    Premier Icon slowboydickie

    I’m with Halifax and with one £2999 bike it’s £400. A £3000 was £580. Bonkers.


    thanks all will have a look at those mentioned
    slowboy – we’re getting daft quotes like that but one of the five bies is abour 5k to replace so you can imagine the responces even tho we live in a really low crime area and the garage is alarmed

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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