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  • Conquering your bogey trail!
  • Funny how certain bits of trail play with your mind. For me it was the roll-in/drop half way down XXXXX (eau dear!?!) on Winterfold in the Surrey Hills. Not difficult and only very short but those two rocks on the lip used to wink at me and catch me out mentally every time. Did a course last summer on steeper stuff but never had a chance to put the theory into practice on my bogey trail. That is until today when rode it (12 months later) without thinking or hesitation. In fact went and did it several times just to make sure. Why do (fun) bits of trail have the ability to screw with your mind so much?

    Thanks Jess, your tips worked well even after 12 months!

    Yeah I always have a “giants list” I’m working up to. Every now and then I slay one giant, and then find a new one lurking in the woods. Good init!?


    Disappointed this wasn’t about how to do a drip free snort.

    Mixed results today on that score today Ian!

    Giants list is a good idea. But that run has been nagging at me for so long, so great to finally have a chance to get over the mental block. Next one is a clean run at a certain monkey near by. I find it’s trails that I did when I was new to the sport and made a mess of, stay with you longer because you recall the crashes or the minces! Crazy really.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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