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  • Conor VS Khabib
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    Whenever anyone whines about the violence I just show them the Hendo Bisping KO and laugh

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    I thought the thread got less and less funny as it gradually became obvious that the poster was quite unwell.

    Little bit like this one really.

    I hope not, it seemed more like a bit of attention seeking/show off that got undone and was followed by a massive amount of hole digging. This one however seems a bit more distasteful with the implied homophobia.

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    Not related to the thread sorry but in response to one of the posts up there…

    Found it, can’t paste the link on my phone ffs.

    Just put the link in as text, that much has improved, so will link just fine (posted from chrome/android where the link button forces me to reload the page to clear the flashing box of doom)

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    Yeah but, Karate’s not like a “real” martial art though is it? Has anyone done a kata to defend multiple attackers? Better off with a pointed stick.  ;o)

    Lyoto Machida, Michael ‘Venom’ Page, Stephen Thompson and quite a few others might disagree but OK, let’s say karate isn’t a real martial art.

    Tell me what you consider to be the “real” martial arts.  We can find out how many members each governing body has and then see if it’s more or less than 3 million.

    My guess is it’s going to be quite a bit more.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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