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  • connecting to a HiFi via bluetooth
  • jon1973

    Help needed.

    I have a tablet, which I currently connect to the red/white auxiliary plugs in the back surround sound via the earphone jack so I can play music.

    Is it possible to get a Bluetooth adapter which will plug in to the auxiliary in the back of the surround sound system (surround sound has no Bluetooth) – so I can connect the tablet wirelessly using the Bluetooth on the tab?


    Yes, google “bluetooth audio receiver” loads of different ones.


    There are all sorts of BT dongles around, which may well do what you want. Try looking for a wifi dongle, usually more stable, and better quality audio than BT, with greater range.
    Unless, of course, your tab doesn’t have wifi, in which case ignore me. 😀


    Great. Thanks. Tab has wifi, so I’ll look at that option too.

    This looks like a possible option, which isn’t too pricey


    I’ve got the Logitech one, listening to 6 music through my nexus 7 now, also works fine with my IPhone and automatically connects 95% of the time when I activate Bluetooth on the relevant device.


    Yes, I got one today from PC World. It’s a great little device. Very pleased with it.

    Premier Icon DaveP

    I too have logitech one, seems to work quite well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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