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  • Confused/Fedup with the Pennine Bridleway near Marsden
  • LookHERE

    Click on the pdf at the bottom for map showing Diggle to Greenfield section.

    Lot of PBW not on older OS maps but fully updated on Bing Maps (need to click on OS option where it says ROAD)

    What way ae you trying to go?

    If you follow the PBW down to Diggle it does continue. The off road bit finishes next to the Diggle Hotel and then contiues on the road for about 1-2miles. Carry on past the Diggle Hotel and keep straight on the road (dont take the right over the bridge)Continue on the road up the first short hill, down the next hill and then up the second short hill. Half way up the second hill you will see a sign for the PBW to the right. This eventually leads through uppermill and greenfield which is flat and then starts climbing again at the top end of greenfield. It is all sign psoted and you can get as far as Tintwhistle in derbyshire. It goes a bit tits up here and i have never found the link to Hollingworth.

    adivce on that bit is welcome 🙂

    adivce on that bit is welcome

    It’s on my ‘to do’ list already


    Is it just me being thick, or is the Pennine Bridleway difficult to find and poorly signposted around Saddleworth ?

    I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, especially considering the fact paths/bridleways are often maintained by volunteeers or poorly funded organisation. But every time I try and follow the Pennine Bridleway I get lost.

    I’ve asked other bikers, horse riders, walkers and no-one seems to know where the hell it is. I tried in vain again on Saturday, went from Marsden up to Buckstone edge, rode south on the Pennine Way (bridleway at this point), to the A62 at Standedge. I then followed the signs for the Pennine Way Bridleway (blue painted post with PWB on them), which took me down to Diggle. The bridleway turned in to a road and basically disappeared. One horse rider was like “yes, you can get to Edale by horse” but she didn’t know where the bridleway was.

    What also winds me up is the ‘official’ website:

    I’ve never seen such a useless map before. It doesn’t even have the trail marked on it for goodness sake !

    So yesterday, I again resorted to riding on the Pennine Way footpath, which I always feel guilty about, but what on earth am I supposed to do if I want to avoid the roads ?


    Thanks for the top replies…it’s all becoming a bit clearer now.

    On Ward Lane in Diggle, I do recall seeing the right turn with a sign saying ‘Pennine Bridleway’. At the time, I thought I needed to carry straight on as I assumed I was on the ‘Pennine Way Bridleway’, and the right turn was just for the ‘Pennine Bridleway’. But now you mention it, those blue signs say ‘PBW’, i.e. Pennine Bridleway and not ‘PWB’ (Pennine Way Bridleway) as I said before. I think perhaps the problem is that at Standedge when you cross the A62, one of the signs does say ‘Pennine Way Bridleway’, which is the track that eventually comes out at the Diggle Hotel. In fact, I don’t think there is any such thing as the ‘Pennine Way Bridleway’. Some parts of the Pennine Way are classified as bridleway, presumably because they were always popular with horses…

    Just looking on Streetmap (my preferred map website), I can see the Pennine Bridleway marked down to Tintwistle:

    It’s not too far to get onto the Trans Pennine Trail from there, so that might do me…I’m actually trying to work out a big loop from Marsden to Derwent and back via Cut Gate Pass. From Wessenden Head, I’ve taken the A635 down to Dovestones, up to the top, down the Pennine Way (very cheeky) to Woodhead, then the TTP to Langsett, then bridleway up and over to Derwent. Looks like the Pennine Brideway is taking the low route….

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