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  • Confused with Rockshox Revelation options
  • Premier Icon deadkenny

    I’m after a Revelation for my hard tail to give me something closer to the feel of the Lyriks I have on the big bouncy bike, but with less travel (140 or 150 vs 170).

    Obviously Lyriks will still be plusher, but that’s fine. I’m just confused on the options with the Revs.

    Key thing is I don’t want lockout or rather don’t want it to get in the way. My Lyriks are RC2DH Solo Air, so just has low & high speed compression adjust & rebound. Simple and without the floodgate/lockout control it’s supposedly more responsive.

    Looking around, main options are RL, RLT and RCT3, plus dual or solo air and dual position. Not interested in dual position or any kind of travel adjust. Compression adjust would be good (though it’s not like the Lyriks, just one dial not high & low speed. I’m fine with that. I don’t need all the compression control I feel, not for a hard tail). Not bothered with lockout.

    Would that be covered by the RL? I don’t mind having lockout if it not noticeable when turned off, but I’m seeing RLTs mentioning remote lockout. I definitely don’t want a remote lockout. However I can see some good bargains on the RLT (£325 at Merlin for a 2013, almost perfect but has remote lockout. The RL is £319 but it’s a straight steerer and I’m after tapered). I’ve ruled out RCT3 as having more than I want probably, but then again maybe it’s more like the Mission Control on the Lyriks?

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