Confused, what brake adaptor do i need?

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  • Confused, what brake adaptor do i need?
  • greeble

    a standard post mount on a fork is usally 160mm so yes you will need type 7 to take it up to 180mm

    what is your current brake? most calipers these days are post mount so I’m gussing you’d have a type 3 mount already attached. simply remove that mount and fit the new one

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    Its a bit of a minefield.
    Same problem fitting a Juicy7 to a Pace XCM130.
    Mount bought off CRC, as a 185mm PM to PM.
    Ended up using a stack of washers because just couldnt get the thing to line up…

    IMAG0493 by pten2106, on Flickr

    Mate gave me a different 185mm PM to PM Avid mount he had spare…

    IMAG1080 by pten2106, on Flickr

    Notice how the correct one is just slightly thicker top & bottom.
    I think the first one is actually a 180mm or something. Looks about 2.5mm slimmer.
    This one in case your intrested…

    IMAG1082 by pten2106, on Flickr

    I bought the Superstar no7 mount, but didnt get the chance to try it. Its an ugly looking thing too.

    My current brakes are the old deore type (BR-M486 according to bikepedia – although this says for 160mm rotor, mines definately 180mm).

    I don’t have a close up photo but you can just about tell looking at this.

    Yes the type 7 is an ugly looking thing!

    Better pic there, my caliper and current adaptor are similar to this.

    Just replacing my forks with a new set after my crash.

    My old forks have the IS mount but the new forks have the PM threaded holes inline with the forks. Just looking on superstar to see if they have what i need.

    Using the code, i think i need…
    PM-PM F180 (type 7), is this right? My disc is 180mm

    I wasn’t sure because i thought the caliper was an IS mount if the forks were, although the caliper does already have an adaptor fitted.

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