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  • Confession time, whats your most embarrassing favorite film?
  • thomthumb

    cool runnings

    feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up, it’s bobsleigh time

    Premier Icon ton

    murials wedding.
    about a boy.
    love actually.

    god i am a big soft shyte….. 😳


    But my favorate is The Mask.


    Watched ‘BIG’ the other day, made me happy for it’s duration.


    Legally Blonde. bend and snap.


    Tomb Raider.


    footloose 🙂

    To be honest, I’m not embarrassed by any film I like. Films I like that people might think should embarass me may be:

    Final Fantasy Advent Children
    Mortal Kombat
    Cliff Hanger
    Conan The Barbarian
    Demolition Man
    Aliens v Predator

    …..and btw, I think Cool Runnings and Convoy were both very good films.


    I like any film where lots of things fall down, go boom, and any film that Simon Tooky, the Mail’s film critic hates. He thought Watchmen heralded the end of modern civilization. I loved it.


    err, One of our dinosaurs is missing… 😳


    Xanadu as the lead is hot and the movie is terrible as is

    Sheena Queen of the jungle-blonde bombshell 😈

    Bad movies but hot ladies.


    Strictly Ballroom
    Love Actually
    About A Boy

    another soft bastard here

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I get tearful watching Beauty and the Beast with my girls. Although they must never see that.

    Belle is hot though…..

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    CountZero – I agree, Simon Tooky only seems to like soppy emotional claptrap with minimal explosions and lots and lots of touchy-feely character development. Ergo, he and I have opposite tastes in movies and I tend to go to watch anything he pans.

    I have a very simple scoring system which involves taking the body count, multiplying it by the number of killer robots, and adding a bonus 10 points if it involves time travel. Witty one-liners are worth 5 points each.


    The Big Blue. Best cinematography of any film. Ever. Ever ever. And it has Rosanna Arquette in it too 🙂

    Good formula there Flaperon!



    goodnight mr Tom


    That’s not the film with Rosanna Arquette in her undies is it?

    Better bod, but not more fancieable than Patricia – I think it’s the giggle.


    Oh, and the Breakfast Club. Very embarrassing that one. Am I showing my age now?


    the big blue is a triumph of a film!


    Oh, the things i could have done with Rosanna Arquet in her prime, and a pot of honey…


    I cried watching that sharki (read the book first) =_O)


    I loved Amelie, when I thought it would be some soppy poncy crap. It was not. It was a bloody good little film.

    I was completely blown away by Wall-E. Although previous Pixar offerings have been excellent, I did watch it with the mind that it was a ‘kids’ film. Is it ****. One of the best animated films ever made, and a bloody good little film.

    I personally think Rita, Sue and Bob Too is a monument of British Cinematic History. I get some funny looks when I tell people that. It is, however, a bloody good little film.

    Of course, I like yer 2001, yer Godfather, yer Bergman classics, yer Poklips Now, bit of cerebral ‘World Cinema’, etc.

    But a good film is a good film. If it entertains you then it’s done it’s job.

    Blair Witch project was utter shit. People ran screaming from cinemas watching it? I fell asleep.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    For me its Convoy, literally just watched it & it’s still great (in my mind), what’s yours?

    Oh & if anyone asks, I never really, really, liked the best homo erotic film of the eighties involving an aircraft carrier, I can just recite it word for word for some strange reason 🙁

    Talk to me goose… 😉

    Top Gun
    Flash Gordon

    Both camp as hell so were that fits with me I’ve no idea!


    I was looking forward to some good suggestions to stave off my tonsillitus induced boredom – but this is awful. I’d be better off reading You!

    Edit – except Top Gun, Big, and Cool Runnings of course.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Kill Bill vol 1 & 2… Probably my fave films ever still. I know people ridicule them cos they’re way OTT, but I think it’s the depth of character and the bitterness behind each story that I love. That and I grew up with a mad crush on Uma Thurman which is still going strong today! Funnily enough my ex GF looked quite a lot like her too!

    One film I used to love, but haven’t seen in a few years right now, is an Australian Classic… Priscilla Queen of the Desert… Just one of the silliest films ever! A film all about a load of Drag Queens on tour, can you get any more embarrassing?

    Got to confess that when Love Actually comes on every Christmas (as it does) I sit down and watch it too. A bit twee, but it’s a very good feel good film that crosses all ages/sexes/beliefs/religions very well.

    Still love the original 3 Star Wars films (episodes 4,5 and 6).

    I absolutely love the Alien series, including even the silly but action filled Alien Vs Predator. The best one though is Aliens, ie. the 2nd film. Again, plenty of people hate them, but I think they’re ace.

    And I have to confess (VERY quietly mind) to actually having enjoyed Bridget Jones 1 & 2. Sssshhhhhhhh… YES, I am heterosexual! I avoided them both at all costs for a number of years based on the fact that I am a man, but eventually had the first one forced upon me a few years ago. Shortly after ended up going to see the 2nd at the Cinema! Yes, it’s totally over indulgent crap, but it kinds makes you feel warm inside for some reason!

    Confession over…

    Oh yeah, Sound of Music.

    I was ‘forced’ to go with my Gran when it came out – even as a young un, I couldn’t deny I’d enjoyed it.


    Erin Brockovich………….feel good factor for me.

    But not convinced i should be embarrassed 😳 its a classic IMO


    “Big Beautiful Grannies Strap-on Fun Vol. 4”


    LOL! But Gus, those ladies are at least of a similar age to yourself, so it’s understandable…

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    Flash Gordon = ACE.


    those ladies are at least of a similar age to yourself

    Cheeky git.

    BTW I’m embarrassed about Vols 1,2,3,5 & 6

    But ‘Vol 4’ is definite my favourite

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Vol.2 was way better!

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Cannonball Run


    Another vote for ‘Big’ and also ‘Forrest Gump’.

    Not that embarrassed about them though.

    “I’m Shirley The Brave, I’m Shirley Valentine”


    Gregory’s Girl (its a Clair Grogan thing)

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Dirty Dancing 😳

    Nobody puts baby in the corner!

    The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, great film, never admitted I like that to anyone I know … oh, I just did! 😳

    Already mentioned, but great fun with Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp hamming it on a road trip in outback oz 😆


    Why would anyone be embarrassed about “The Big Blue”. It’s a classic.

    Now “Love Actually”, a film so sugary that you could stand a teaspoon up in it. If you were to admit to liking that then that would be embarrassing. No way would a cynical middle aged engineer like that.

    No way.


    another one for love actually.
    tis a great feel good factor film.

    and anything with Zhang Zi Yi in it, although my wife thinks she’s a trollop.

    I completely disagree (cowering in the corner)

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