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  • Condensation in chimney – drying it out?
  • One of our rooms has a blocked up chimney which has resulted in a bit of condensation/damp manifesting at the base and I now have a damp patch on the inside of the wall. I took some advice and put in a couple of vents to get some air flowing through, which has stopped the issue, and it is very slowly receding down the wall. Any idea how long these things can take to completely dry out?, as I want to paint the room in question.

    Is it feasible to use an oil based primer on theis area and paint the room in it’s present state, or Do I need to wait til its completely dry?.

    Cheers, Greg.


    Go and ask on


    Blocking up chimneys is a silly idea but hey once it’s done it’s done. In all honesty though I would question whether it was condensation or a leak. The chimney if sealed off properly wouldn’t build any condensation as there wouldn’t be a massive heat differential between the chimney and the room unless the chimney is on an external wall?
    As for painting, if you can live with it for another six months while the central heating is one during the winter I reckon that would give you a better chance of doing it once rather than many times!


    Was it a coal fire? If I understand right, there’s stuff in soot that’s hygroscopic, ie it attracts water in humid conditions. That’s in the same manner as cooking salt can. It might be ammonium salts. Emulsion paint sounds a better idea, it might not seal so much?


    We put a wood burner back into the damp chimney – cured!

    It is on an outside wall, defo condensation.


    So its blocked off in the room, how is it finished above the roof?
    Needs a pepper pot or similar

    It’s just a flat top now, must’ve been concreted over now, but it has 2 vents on the outside as well.

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