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  • Computer woes…

    Trying to fix my girlfriends laptop, ive always been pretty good with things like this but after a few years of Mac use im out of touch with Windows issues. So…

    Problems with IE (previously 8, updated to 9, same issues)
    If a website has a button which would normally automatically open a new window/tab or pop-up, it simply opens a blank window, dosnt do anything or gives an error (script ID not supported?)

    So far i have tried…
    Check for updates,
    Turned of pop-up blocker,
    Virus check (norton)
    Reset of IE (removed error, still other issues)

    What next?

    Remember i cant open or click on anything, so i have been unable to download firefox, chrome or a free virus checker as these all seem to download via an auto-pop-up method. If this is needed maybe i could download them to a stick on my mac and transfer over?

    Any help appreciated (tho ill not have a chance to do anything till tomorrow)


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    You can download Firefox onto your mac – you’ll find the windoze version on this site:

    I’d also try uninstalled IE9 (think you can do it from Control Panel, Program Features (old Add/Remove) and its under Windows components.. form memory)

    See if IE8 then works as expected and if needed re-install IE9..


    Some simple steps
    Install Windows Security Essentials and run this to double check for virus/spyware etc
    Get the installer for firefox or chrome from elsewhere and install that

    Good excuse to stop using IE really


    Cheers, thought trying FF might be the next step (IE 8 had the same issues apparently, seems like its had a problem for a while but its only when its completely knacked that i get told to fix it!!)

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